Demand for pirated versions of Windows has grown in Russia

Google searches related to Windows 10 activation methods have grown by 80-250% over the past three months, depending on the wording. Kommersant writes about this with reference to Google Trends data.

In June, one of the fastest growing searches was the free download of Excel (up 650%). And the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, which allows you to create bootable OS images, has been searched 47 times more often over the past week than before.

The reason for these changes was Microsoft’s restrictions on downloading Windows from Russia and Belarus.

According to Igor Martyushev, a representative of Marvel Distribution, there are no new deliveries of boxed OS from Microsoft, and at the current level of sales, the stock will last for several months.

One of Kommersant’s sources also clarified that buyers of the “boxed” version of Windows will now be able to use the OS only if they indicate another country, not Russia or Belarus, during registration. The same goes for new laptops with a pre-installed OS.

Recall that all Microsoft restrictions on downloading utilities and OS images can still be bypassed using VPN .

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