Google Fast Pair sync will work with Wear OS watch

Back in 2017, Google announced Fast Pair, a standard that allows you to connect accessories to Android smartphones in a couple of seconds. It has not received wide distribution, but Google is not going to give up.

Over the years, the list of compatible devices has continued to expand. In 2020, the technology was updated to include a headphone search and a display of the charge level of connected devices, and support for Chromebooks, Android TV and smart home devices was announced at CES 2022. Now it’s the turn of wearable technology on Wear OS.

The corresponding announcement appeared in the list of updates on the Google technical support website. According to the description, Fast Pair allows you to quickly discover and connect previously paired Wear OS wearable devices to your smartphone. It’s not yet clear if this update only applies to Wear OS 3, or if devices running earlier versions of the system will get the new feature as well.

Given that Fast Pair syncs all connected accessories with your Google account, the innovation will allow you to use Bluetooth headphones with your watch. And if your headphones support multi-device connection at the same time (like the previously announced Pixel Buds Pro ), you can quickly switch between your phone and smartwatch.

Fast Pair support for Wear OS comes with the Google Play Services app update to version 22.24, which began rolling out on June 24.

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