Let me know how to get over a breakup

” Let me know ” is a rubric for our readers’ stories. Every week we launch a survey and look forward to your comments. The most interesting of them end up in articles and collections. This time we want to collect tips on what to do if you had to break up with loved ones.

The movie offers many different strategies for dealing with a breakup. So, the main character of the film “Eat, Pray, Love” after a divorce goes on a spiritual journey through Italy, India and Indonesia to rediscover herself and figure out what she really wants in life.

Mia and Sebastian from the musical “La La Land” give themselves to work, having come to the conclusion that creative ambitions are more important for them than a romantic connection. And for the main character of the film “This Stupid Love”, a break with a partner becomes an occasion to plunge headlong into a new love.

Not all examples that we see in the movies are universal and correct. However, other people’s experiences help us find our own way of getting through a breakup. So share your stories. How did you feel after the breakup? What did you do? How long did they grieve? What was the best thing to help you get through it? And what, on the contrary, caused only irritation?

Let me know how to get over a breakup What helped you?

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