17 places to relax in the mountains of Russia: the best resorts and ski resorts

On the territory of the country there are many picturesque places in the mountains, which are definitely worth seeing. It is impossible to talk about each in one article, so we have chosen universal locations in different regions of Russia. Most of them, on the one hand, are equipped for skiing and snowboarding, on the other hand, they are suitable for summer holidays.

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1. Krasnaya Polyana, Krasnodar Territory

Photo: Daniil Drozdov / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane or train to Sochi, from the city to the resort can be reached in an hour by train.

Where to live: in the village there is a large selection of hotels and inns, but the prices there bite, especially in the high season: in summer and from late December to February. If you want to save money, choose a separate apartment or small guest houses.

  • Hills Polyana Hotel & SPA, 8,400 rubles per night for a double room with breakfast.
  • One-room apartment with a view of the mountains – 2,700 rubles per day.
  • Guest house “Alpine Fairy Tale”, 3,000 rubles per day for a double room.

The first slopes and ski lifts appeared in Krasnaya Polyana back in the 90s. But, perhaps, the village on the banks of the Mzymta River became the most famous ski resort in Russia after the 2014 Winter Olympics. By its holding, not only modern sports complexes, but also dozens of hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment centers appeared here. There are hundreds of options for year-round recreation in Krasnaya Polyana.

In winter, you can go to one of the three ski resorts or take a ski tour to ride on the slopes where the lift does not reach. For those who feel confident on a snowboard, a separate snowpark with jumps is open. It will be possible to get the thrill without getting up on skis or a board. To do this, there is an extreme amusement park with mountain swings and the longest zipline in the country – downhill from a great height. In the evening, you can arrange shopping, go to a restaurant, spa or casino.

In the summer it is worth coming here to swim on the beach and in the mountain font, fly on a paraglider and a hot air balloon, go to the rope park with the whole family, and also ride ATVs, buggies and go-karts. At this time of the year, you can enjoy nature here: climb the highest point of the village – the Black Pyramid Peak, visit the waterfall park and take a walk to the Khmelevsky lakes surrounded by subalpine meadows.

2. Lago‑Naki, Adygea

Photo: Vadim Kovalenko / flickr

How to get there: first by train to Krasnodar, then by car or bus with a transfer in Maikop to the village of Kamennomostsky, from there you need to move deep into the mountains only by car.

Where to live: in guest houses, hotels or recreation centers in settlements near the plateau: the villages of Guzeripl and Kamennomostsky, the village of Dakhovskaya. There are no apartments for daily rent and hostels in these places.

  • Hotel Abago in Guzeripl, 3,350 rubles per night for a double room with breakfast.
  • House for four in Kamennomostsky – 11,500 rubles for two days.
  • Hotel “44 Height” in Dakhovskaya, 8,000 rubles per day for a double room.

Lago-Naki is a plateau in the west of the Caucasus Mountains, located at an altitude of 2,000 meters. Here you can see dozens of caves and ancient canyons, snow-white glaciers, turbulent mountain rivers and blooming alpine meadows with buttercups and forget-me-nots. The location is not yet very popular with tourists, so all these places have been preserved almost in their original form. There are no attractions, parks and shopping centers in Lago-Naki, the main attraction and entertainment is the incredible nature.

At any time of the year, excursions are conducted here to the most beautiful points of the plateau: Azish caves with stalactites and stalagmites, Rufabgo waterfalls and a granite canyon. An option for the more active is climbing the peaks of Fisht, Oshten and Thach. You can ski and snowboard in the Azish-Tau complex, there is a ski lift and a small track 1,500 meters long.

3. Dombay, Karachay-Cherkessia

Photo: Dmitry Strizhak / Unsplash

How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, from there you can get to the resort in 3.5 hours by bus or car.

Where to live: in Dombai there is a good choice of hotels and hotels, in the private sector you can find cozy apartments at a nice price.

  • Hotel Nastup, 2,500 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Studio apartment for four people – 4,000 rubles per day.
  • Dombay Winter Hall Hotel, 4,800 rubles per night for a double room.

The mountain resort is located in Karachay-Cherkessia, at the foot of the Main Caucasian Range. Climbers conquered the impregnable peaks of Dombay back in the 1920s. Since then, the resort has acquired a developed infrastructure and constantly receives tourists.

Now there are ski slopes of varying difficulty with a network of cable cars rising to a height of more than 3,000 meters. After skiing, you can relax in the sauna or try local dishes: chicken in a creamy sauce or khychiny .

Dombay is beautiful at any time of the year, so it is not necessary to come here only in winter. In summer, it is nice to arrange a hike or a horseback ride to the turquoise Baduk lakes, the picturesque Alibek gorge and the 25-meter-high Devil’s Mill waterfall. Another leisure option is to climb Mount Mussa-Achitara, which offers breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks, glaciers and gorges. At its top is also an unusual hotel in the form of a flying saucer.

4. Arkhyz, Karachay-Cherkessia

Photo: Alexxx Malev / flickr

How to get there: by plane to Mineralnye Vody, from there you can get to Arkhyz by bus in 5 hours.

Where to live: in hotels and individual houses at recreation centers. It is most convenient to settle near the ski lifts, but if you do not plan to ski, choose accommodation in the center of the village, it is much cheaper.

  • Chalet for four people – 10,000 rubles per day.
  • Hotel “White Peak”, 6,000 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Guest house for four people – 2,500 rubles per day.

A couple of hours drive from Dombay is a younger, but in no way inferior to him Arkhyz resort. It is located 10 kilometers from the village of the same name, in a valley on the northern slopes of the Main Caucasian Range.

The valley is protected by mountains from cold winds, so the climate here is mild, but you can ski from the end of November – all the slopes of the ski complex are equipped with artificial snow systems. There are several trails to choose from for both beginners and experienced athletes, their total length is more than 27 kilometers.

It is not necessary to conquer the slopes of Arkhyz, there are other entertainments: you can ride cheesecakes, sleds and skates , paragliding, visit a rope or bike park for mountain bikes, arrange boat rafting, horseback riding or a jeep tour.

More peaceful leisure options are an excursion to the ancient Alanian temples and the BTA telescope, the largest in Eurasia, or relaxing in a spa. A couple of hours drive from the village there is a thermal complex with swimming pools. It is filled with water from healing springs, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.

5. Tsey, North Ossetia

Photo: Alexander Poprygin / Wikimedia Commons

How to get there: by plane or train to Vladikavkaz, from there – an hour and a half by car or bus.

Where to live: you can only stay in a couple of hotels and an alpine camp.

  • Alpine camp “Tsey”, 1,200 rubles per day for a place in a two-, three- or four-bed room.
  • Guest house “1950”, 8,800 rubles per day for a double room.

Tsey is located in the gorge of the Tseydon River on the northern slopes of the Greater Caucasus and is perfect for a secluded vacation. There are many times fewer tourists here than on Dombay and Arkhyz, so the choice of housing and entertainment is very limited. But this disadvantage is compensated by the magnificent nature, which can be enjoyed in peace and quiet.

The resort has seven ski slopes of varying difficulty, two lifts lead to their beginning. You can dilute skiing with trekking and excursions to the huge Tsey glacier and the ancient sanctuary of Rekoma, the Ossetian deity of fertility.

6. Chindirchero, Dagestan

Photo: chindirchero.ru

How to get there: by plane or train to Makhachkala, from the city to the resort can be reached in 3 hours by car or bus.

Where to live: there is only one modest hotel near the resort, but you can try to find a room or a room in the villages closest to Chindirchero: Ginte, Butri and Kurkimakhi.

  • Hotel “Chindirchero”, 1,200 rubles per day for a place in a four- or six-bed room.

This Dagestan resort began to work only a few years ago and has not yet become popular among tourists; residents of the republic themselves often relax here. Chindirchero is located on the slopes of the mountain of the same name, not far from the village of Ginta. The infrastructure here seems to be even worse than in Tsey, but there will definitely not be crowds on the tracks.

The resort is equipped with several routes of varying difficulty, some are equipped with artificial snow systems. The longest trails can only be reached by an all-terrain vehicle, the rest are reached by a cable car. If skiing and snowboarding are not to your liking, you can go down the mountain on a cheesecake, go to the skating rink and ride snowmobiles and ATVs.

During the summer, Chindirchero offers rafting or hiking . There are no interesting sights within walking distance from Chindirchero. But if you take a car, then in a couple of hours you can get to the ancient ghost village of Gamsutl, the underground Salta waterfall and the Gunib fortress of the 19th century.


7. Abzakovo (Beloretsky district), Bashkortostan

Photo credit: iunewind/Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane or train to Ufa, from there another 3.5 hours by bus or car.

Where to live: there are about a dozen inexpensive hotels, recreation centers and cottages near the resort.

  • Club complex “33 Bears”, 1,200 rubles per day for a single room.
  • Alpin Chalet Hotel, 2,500 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Hotel complex “Edelweiss”, 12,000 rubles per day for a house for 20 people.

The village of Abzakovo is located on the Kulsagady River, near the South Ural ridge Kryktytau, covered with birch forests. The resort is compact, but with excellent infrastructure. It is divided into three parts: the first contains cottages, a cafe, a restaurant and a water park, the second is a ski center, and the third, with a beach, gazebos and barbecue areas, is reserved for summer holidays.

The resort will be comfortable with the family. Children will definitely appreciate the rope park, the husky town, the zoo with tiger, bear , camel and other animals, as well as the entertainment center with bowling, games room and cinema. In addition, there are many simple and gentle slopes in Abzakovo, where you can ski for the first time and safely ride with your child.

No less entertainment for adults – discos, billiards tournaments, master classes and concerts are held here. And if you want to spend time in nature, you can take an excursion to the Blue Rocks to appreciate the breathtaking view of the forest and the South Ural peaks.

8. Bannoe, Bashkortostan

Photo: Anton Buymov / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane to Ufa, then by car in 4 hours or by bus with a transfer in Magnitogorsk.

Where to live: there are many hotels and recreation centers near the ski center and the lake, you can find good apartments in the villages nearby.

  • Apreski complex, 9,000 rubles for two days in a five-bed bungalow.
  • Apartment complex “Taganay”, 3,700 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Apartment for four – 4,999 rubles per day.

A 40-minute drive from Abzakovo there is another ski resort, it is located on the shores of the deepest lake in Bashkiria – Bannoy. The place got its name in his honor. In terms of the level of service and the amount of entertainment, the resort is even a little ahead of Abzakovo, so you can create a rich recreation program here at any time of the year.

In summer, there is an amusement park with a rope maze and an obstacle course, a paintball site, sports attractions with a shooting range, a bumperball field – football in huge inflatable balls. In addition, you can fry kebabs in grill houses, swim in the lake, have a picnic in a special clearing and go rafting or hiking. For example, climb the Kutukai and Karanyalik mountains to see Bannoye from a height.

In winter, traditional entertainment is skiing and snowboarding. Bannom has nine slopes with modern ski lifts and three tubing slides; there is a separate club for children with instructors. There are also quieter options for recreation – winter karting, an entertainment center with quests and a laser labyrinth, a sauna , cafes, restaurants, bars and karaoke.

If you want to improve your health at the same time, you can take a ticket to one of the resort’s sanatoriums. There, with the help of physiotherapy, therapeutic baths and mud applications, they help to recover from respiratory diseases and improve the condition of the spine and joints.

9. Gubakha, Perm Territory

Photo: Mikhail Basinov / flickr

How to get there: by plane to Perm, from there you can get to the resort in 3 hours by car or 4 by bus.

Where to live: there are several guest houses and hotels near the ski center, a cheaper option is apartments 30-40 minutes walk from the ski lifts.

  • Hotel Yolki, 5,500 rubles per night for a double room.
  • Recreation center “Bear’s Corner”, 5,000 rubles per day for a house for ten people.
  • Two-room apartment in Gubakha — 1,500 rubles per day.

The all-season resort is located near the small town of Gubakha on the banks of the turbulent Kosva River, at the foot of the Cross Mountain. There are seven lifts and more than a dozen ski slopes: from gentle training to “black” – the highest level of difficulty. Connoisseurs also especially note the local areas for freeride – skiing on unprepared slopes.

It’s worth coming here in the summer. In warm weather, in Gubakha, you can arrange rafting down the Kosva or try downhill mountain biking trails. And also see the sights on ATVs: Stone Town – an unusual accumulation of rocks, Usvinsky pillars – huge vertical stone massifs, numerous caves and grottoes.

Relax after all these activities are offered in cafes, bars and sauna with wooden barrels. You can safely come to the resort with children, for them a playroom is equipped in Gubakha, and there is also a ski school with a special children’s lift.

10. Belaya Mountain, Sverdlovsk Region

Photo: Serg_Zavyalov_photo / Shutterstock

How to get there: first by plane to Yekaterinburg, then by car to the place in 3.5 hours or by bus with a transfer in Nizhny Tagil.

Where to live: the choice of housing is small – there is a hotel and a recreation center near the ski complex, in the neighboring village of Uralets you can look for an apartment for daily rent.

  • Hotel “Belaya Gora”, 4,300 rubles per day for a single room.
  • Glamping “LadaGlamp”, 4 590 rubles per day for a tent for four.
  • Two-room apartment – 3,000 rubles per day.

Belaya Gora is the most beautiful and one of the highest peaks of the Middle Urals, located in the place where they draw the border between Europe and Asia. Most of the year the mountain is covered with snow, hence the name. At its foot there is a sports and entertainment complex with five ski slopes with a total length of 6,000 meters.

In addition to them, there are separate routes for cross-country skiing, slides for cheesecakes, a go-kart track and a free outdoor skating rink. In between races, you can look into the cafe of the complex or fry shish kebabs in cozy wooden gazebos.

In summer, the resort is suitable for a more measured holiday with picnics , a visit to the pool and a game of tennis. Add to this program and hiking along the equipped forest trails in the mountain area.

11. Solnechnaya Dolina, Chelyabinsk Region

Photo: Anton Buymov / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane to Chelyabinsk, from there – in 2 hours by car or train “Snegir”.

Where to live: there are several hotels on the territory of the ski complex – this is the most convenient, but also the most expensive option. There are more budget housing in the village of Syrostan and the city of Miass, it will take 10 and 20 minutes to get to the resort from them.

  • Sunny Valley Hotel, 7,800 rubles for two days in a double apartment.
  • Hotel Residence Business, 9,200 rubles for two days in a double room with breakfast.
  • One-room apartment in Miass – 5,368 rubles for two days.

Solnechnaya Dolina was opened in the early 2000s in a place on the eastern slopes of the Southern Urals, just a 20-minute drive from Miass. The resort is a real paradise for snowboarders; one of the best Russian snow parks operates here with tracks for different types of skiing. All of them are certified by the International Freestyle Federation. Add to them 12 ski slopes, tubing slides, winter karting, dog sledding, ATV and off-road motorcycle races, and you get the perfect location for an intense winter holiday.

No worse in the “Sunny Valley” and in the summer, when the resort opens a rope park, a wakeboarding station and rental of saps and boats on the lake. For children, the resort has a center with developing activities and master classes and a summer health camp. You won’t have to worry about comfort during your vacation: there are several hotels, cafes, restaurants, bathhouses and gazebos with barbecue facilities on the territory.


12. “Sheregesh”, Kemerovo region

Photo: Parilov / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane to Novokuznetsk, from there you need to drive a couple of hours by bus or car.

Where to live: there are about 50 hotels near the ski lifts, you can stay there or look for an apartment or a private house in the village of Sheregesh.

  • Gubernskaya Hotel, 7,400 rubles per night for a double room with breakfast.
  • Hotel Alaska Guest House, 2,400 rubles per night for a double room.
  • One-room apartment – 1,700 rubles per day.
  • Cottage for 10 people – 7,000 rubles per day.

The sports complex in the taiga region of Gornaya Shoria, located at the junction of Altai, Sayan Mountains and Kuznetsk Alatau, was opened in the 1980s to host the Olympics. In those days, few people knew about these places, but now more than two million tourists come to Sheregesh a year, so the resort can compete with Krasnaya Polyana for the status of the most popular in Russia.

Sheregesh has an enviable infrastructure: on the slopes of Mount Zelenaya there are 16 ski slopes, 21 ski lifts, a snow park and about 50 hotels. You can also relax here without skiing and snowboarding: dozens of restaurants and cafes, an ice rink, spa complexes, baths and saunas are open for guests. Children can be surprised with a dog sled ride and a trip to the Yeti Park with a training ski area, a slide for cheesecakes and excursions from a real Bigfoot.

In the summer, there are not so many activities in Sheregesh itself, but on the other hand, the Shor National Park is located 50 km from it. You can arrange a multi-day tour there to see the remains of the camels, shaped like two-humped animals, climb Mount Mustag, 1570 meters high, raft on boats and catamarans along stormy rivers, or follow one of the eco-trails laid among meadows and coniferous forests. To visit the park, you need to pre-arrange a pass in the city of Tashtagol.

13. “Beaver Log”, Krasnoyarsk Territory

Photo: LxAndrew / Wikimedia Commons

How to get there: by plane to Krasnoyarsk, the park is a 40-minute drive from the airport.

Where to live: in Krasnoyarsk there is a large selection of hotels, hostels and apartments for every taste and budget.

  • Hotel Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk , 4,900 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Garage Hotel, 2,500 rubles per night for a double room with breakfast.
  • One-room apartment, 3,000 rubles per day.
  • Hostel “Park”, a bed in a mixed dormitory room – 1,100 rubles per day.

Krasnoyarsk is a unique place. Without leaving the city, you can see fantastic natural landscapes and ride along the mountain slopes. To do this, you need to come to the Bobrovy Log fun park, which is located 20 minutes from the center. There are 15 ski slopes on the territory (six of them are “black”) with a total length of more than 10 kilometers and an outdoor skating rink. In addition to sports activities, the funpark offers to tickle your nerves on extreme rides, for example, the Rodelbahn, which is something between a bobsleigh and a rollercoaster. And you can relax in the spa, on the beach with a heated pool or in the restaurant.

The Beaver Log borders the Krasnoyarsk Stolby National Park, famous for its elongated vertical cliffs; You can get there by cable car. Entrance to the park is free for everyone. In order to have time to see all the bizarre arrays, it is better to rent ATVs or book a horseback ride.

14. Manzherok, Republic of Altai

Photo: Maria DavidFollow / flickr

How to get there: by plane to Gorno-Altaisk, from the city to the resort you can get there in half an hour by car or bus.

Where to live: in a hotel on the territory of a ski resort, recreation centers in the villages of Ozernoye and Nizhnekayancha, the village of Cheremshanka, or hotels and apartments in Gorno-Altaisk.

  • Hotel “Manzherok”, 9,500 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Complex “Turquoise Katun”, 6,600 rubles for two days in a double room.
  • Chalet for four – 5,000 rubles per day.
  • Studio apartment in Gorno-Altaisk — 4,300 rubles per day.

The ski resort is located in a beautiful place – on the slope of the Malaya Sinyukha mountain, between Lake Manzherok and Katun – the famous Altai mountain river with clear water and a powerful current. Against the backdrop of these landscapes, guests of Manzherok can try their hand at six ski slopes and ride on cheesecakes and snowmobiles.

After a busy day, it is good to take a steam bath in a large bath complex and try Altai cheeses, venison and local fish in the restaurant. Another entertainment at the resort is a skating rink, extreme rides and a museum of Altai culture. If thrills were not enough, you can go to the paragliding platform and the bike park with mountain bike trails.

Manzherok is an all-season resort, so feel free to come here in summer to see blooming alpine meadows and arrange a hike. Here’s what you can do here: conquer Malaya Sinyukha, plunge into Lake Manzherok, look at the Kamyshlinsky waterfall 12 meters high and explore the Tavdinsky caves, where there was once a camp of ancient people.

Northwest Russia

15. Big Woodyavr, Murmansk region

Photo: Evgeny Eremeev / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane or train to Murmansk, from there to Kirovsk, within which the resort is located, can be reached by car or bus in 2-3 hours. There are direct flights from St. Petersburg to this city.

Where to live: in a hotel or recreation center near the complex or in an apartment in Kirovsk.

  • Recreation center “Forest” in the resort, 9,900 rubles for two days in a four-bed cottage.
  • Hotel “Severnaya” in the resort, 6,500 rubles for two days in a double room with breakfast.
  • One-room apartment in Kirovsk — 2,600 rubles per day.

Breathtaking from the harsh northern nature? Then be sure to visit the Khibiny – a mountain range on the Kola Peninsula with glaciers, steep cliffs and the purest mountain rivers. On the slopes of Aikuaivenchorr – one of the Khibiny peaks – there is a resort “Big Vudyavr”. There are more than two dozen ski slopes of different difficulty levels with certificates of the International Ski Federation. Most of the routes have lighting, so you can ride even during the polar night.

Restaurants and cafes, hotels, a hotel and a playroom for children are available for a comfortable stay on the territory of the Big Woodyavr. During your trip, do not limit yourself to the resort, take a jeep, snowmobile or quad bike tour around the Kola Peninsula to see its beauties.

Far East

16. Mountain Air, Sakhalin

Photo: LARISA DUKA / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Where to live: in hotels or apartments.

  • Two-room apartment in the city center — 3,999 rubles per day.
  • Guest house “On Yelansky”, 3,500 rubles per day for a double room.
  • Mega Palace Hotel, 8,640 rubles per night for a double room with breakfast.

The ski resort “Mountain Air” is located near the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. There are practically no tourist attractions and entertainment here, but the resort has excellent service and a variety of tracks, the routes are located on the slopes of two mountains at once – Bolshevik and Krasnaya. From the tops there is a magnificent view of the city.

You can relax after skiing in one of the Mountain Air cafes. You can also come here in the summer, when the resort conducts outdoor training and hikes along mountain eco-paths. The routes pass along the slopes of the mountains, you can see springs, bamboo thickets and a mountain river on them, and also make a couple of spectacular shots on the observation platforms.

17. “Moroznaya Mountain”, Kamchatka Territory

Photo: Aleks Spb / Shutterstock

How to get there: by plane to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, from there you can get to the base in half an hour by car or bus.

Where to live: in hotels and apartments in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

This ski complex belongs to the sports school of the Olympic reserve, members of the Russian national team are preparing for competitions here, but anyone can ride on the slopes of Moroznaya. There are five slopes to choose from with a cable car and artificial snow systems. After climbing to the top, it is better not to rush to leave it – from here you have the best view of the Kamchatka volcanoes Koryaksky and Avachinsky.

There is a cafe on the territory of the complex, and about an hour’s drive from the Frost Mountain there is the Paratunka resort with thermal springs and the non-freezing Avacha Bay, where you can see the Three Brothers rocks and meet sea lion seals.

It is better to relax in the complex itself in winter, when the slopes are open, but you can arrange a trip around Kamchatka at any time of the year.

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