In Egypt, found the lost temple of the Sun – right under the sanctuary of the Egyptian king

A Polish-Italian team of scientists was excavating the ancient Egyptian necropolis of Abusir, located south of Cairo, when they discovered the ruins of an unknown structure. According to preliminary data, the buildings were erected between 2465 and 2323 BC, during the era of the Fifth Dynasty. The ruins were under the temple of Pharaoh Nyuserre.

Image: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

According to surviving sources, six temples of the Sun were erected during this period, two of which scientists managed to find. These buildings consisted of three components: a small entrance ensemble and a gallery with an ascent to the main part of the temple, located much higher. Such architecture is very characteristic of the buildings of the Fifth Dynasty era.

According to archaeologists, the Temple of the Sun is built of raw stone, and the entrance group is made of limestone. The interiors were decorated with huge quartz blocks, and the floor was made of clay.

Image: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

In addition, the researchers found clay pots, beer jugs, name seals and patterned bowls in the building, which the priests used in ceremonies.

Archaeologists discovered the first Temple of the Sun in the 19th century. For the ancient Egyptians, this place was a shrine where they worshiped Ra, the ancient god of the Sun, order, the patron of the pharaohs and the lord of the sky.

Such temples provide an invaluable insight into the Egyptian culture of the Fifth Dynasty, much of which is still unknown to historians. Archaeologists continue to work on this incredible site to confirm that it is indeed a temple of the Sun and to discover more artifacts from this period of ancient history.

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