Quiz “I’ll tell you now”: is it true that yawning cools the brain, and the toilet and the pencil were invented in the same century

In the eighth intellectual duel of the “I’ll tell you now” quiz, the publisher of Lifehacker Alexey Ponomar and the general director of KB Palindrom Rodion Skryabin met.

The players had to rack their brains over a series of non-obvious facts. Is it true that a person needs yawning to cool the brain? Did the first cistern toilet and the pencil really appear in the same century? How many horses are harnessed to Apollo’s chariot on the facade of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow? Click on Play to test your knowledge with the participants!

Two teams participate in the audio quiz “Let me tell you”: Lifehacker employees and friends of the publication. In each issue, two players compete in erudition . The winner earns a point for his team, and the loser will be punished – to tell the most embarrassing story of his life or sing karaoke.

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