6 Very Unusual Mobile Apps You'll Want to Install


Is your cat meowing because it’s hungry? Or is he tired? Or maybe, on the contrary, asks to play? Surely every owner of a mustachioed pet at least once, but asked such questions. The app from American developers MeowTalk promises to finally break down the language barrier between humans and cats. It records the meow, indexes it and displays one of the standard phrases on the smartphone screen. For example, “Feed me” or “I’m resting.”

The translator uses machine learning algorithms. Now there are about a dozen expressions in the MeowTalk dictionary. Users help improve the dataset: the more different sounds they record, the faster artificial intelligence learns. At the same time, there is no common database of cat language. The application adapts to a specific fluffy “user” and forms its own library of sounds.

For now, don’t take the translator too seriously. A couple of years before the advent of MeowTalk, a group of scientists from Korea proved the ability of neural networks to learn from the sounds of domestic cats. But the researchers also concluded that the technology itself is crude and will require additional scientific experiments and many improvements in the future. By the way, cat behavior experts also believe that it is impossible to rely only on the program in communicating with a pet – a misinterpretation of the animal’s behavior can harm him.

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2. Binky

Image: THE YOUTH/Shutterstock

And this app is for those who are tired of disturbing news, intrusive advertising and perfectly retouched photos of influencers. Binky is a social network without people.

The creator of the anti-stress application, Dan Kurtz, initially started it as an ironic simulator. While in real social networks, users were worried about likes and views, fiercely arguing in the comments and spying on former partners, Binky simply showed beautiful things: photos of cute animals, flowers, delicious food. Kurtz’s buddies were interested in the idea and even called the app a nicotine patch for social media addicts. The developer decided to publish his project in the stores, and for good reason – Binky instantly won the love of users.

All content here is generated by the app itself and comes with the same carefree fake captions. The user only needs to touch the screen and start scrolling the eternal tape. Even Binky writes comments on posts on his own, and there is not a drop of negativity in them – only delight and a lot of emoji.

3. Nothing

The application does nothing. Yes, that’s it! You just stare at a white screen until you get bored. But this radically minimalist product has a couple of hidden features. For example, if you shake the phone well, the application will start counting the strokes , and then it may even “ If you decide to give it a try, don’t overdo it – Nothing likes to be shaken for too long.

The application was developed by Chilango Labs. Before Nothing, she managed to release a service for a real estate agency. Why the developers moved from a commercial project to an extremely useless, but funny one is a mystery. The same as a stunning success for such functionality – Nothing has more than a million downloads on GooglePlay.

4. Win 98 Simulator

An app that evokes a powerful bout of nostalgia. This is a game simulator that allows users to work with the legendary operating system. Here you can stick to Solitaire or Minesweeper, leave notes in Notepad, draw in Paint, and even search for something in Internet Explorer. To control the game, just move the cursor with your finger across the screen. The simulator is only available for users of Android devices.

Not much is known about the history of the application. It appeared in the summer of 2021, and a Russian-speaking enthusiast with the nickname LR‑Soft was involved in the development of the simulator. At the same time, Win 98 Simulator quickly became popular among fans of retro devices. For example, the TikTok hashtag of the same name now has over five million views.


Image: ImYanis/Shutterstock

The application will literally make you send your smartphone to heaven. This is how its full name is translated from English: Send Me To Heaven. The bottom line is that the user needs to throw the smartphone as high as possible. SMTH will record the gadget’s flight altitude and then compare it with other results. Of course, there is not much practical use for such fun: with the help of the application, you can only launch a challenge on social networks or entertain friends at a party.

The product came out in 2013 and was banned from the AppStore almost immediately. Apple was concerned that users might smash their smartphones. But the owners of Android gadgets can still download SMTH and tickle their nerves.

6. Run Pee

Let’s say you’re in a movie theater and you’ve had too much soda. The situation is not pleasant: it is uncomfortable to sit in the hall, but it is also dangerous to leave in the middle of the film, because you can miss an important plot twist. It is for such cases that developer Dan Gardner created the RunPee service.

He was inspired to do this by watching a three-hour King Kong. In an interview, Gardner said that if he had known in advance about a long, insignificant scene with bugs, he would have calmly left for a couple of minutes. The idea of laying out long tapes into stages formed the basis of his project. With RunPee, you can choose a movie, find out in advance which episodes are the most boring in it, and go to the bathroom during one of them. Just use the app carefully: your friends may see spoilers.

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