6 Ways to Stay Motivated on Fridays

Each of us at least once in our lives at the end of the working week was visited by the thought: “I can’t believe that there is another working day ahead.” It’s not the most pleasant feeling. It is hard to imagine that you have to wake up on an alarm clock, go to work and do business all day when you want to wrap yourself in a blanket and stay in bed.

A few simple steps will help you gather your will into a fist and stay motivated on Fridays just like on other days of the week.

1. Have a good breakfast and decide on lunch

After you reluctantly get out of bed, prepare yourself a hearty breakfast. You must have often heard in your childhood that the morning meal is the most important. And my parents didn’t lie. Research shows that a good breakfast can lift your spirits, improve your memory, and even your hand-eye function.

However, like any positive effect, the body’s reaction to a delicious breakfast gradually fades away. It’s like a car with a full tank, which is emptied during a long trip: the body needs to “refuel” during the day. Lunch will help with this, especially if you take care of it in advance.

You don’t have to skip another meal. This can lower your blood sugar and make you feel weak and tired. Agree, in such a state it is unlikely that you will be able to maintain motivation.

2. Prioritize urgent matters

Most likely, by Friday you still have work cases that should have been dealt with at the beginning of the week. These tasks should be taken on first. If you can’t figure out what to do now and what to put off until later, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Are there any unfinished tasks that have already passed the deadline , but they still need to be done?
  2. Which of these tasks are the most “overdue”?
  3. Which of the “overdue” tasks will take the least amount of time to complete?

The answers will help you find at least one important case that you can work hard on.

3. Start with easy tasks

If urgent things require too much energy that you do not have, start with the simplest ones. Check your mail, sort through documents, make a plan for next week, make a few work calls, edit texts – there’s nothing wrong with sorting out quick tasks.

But their implementation will give you a sense of satisfaction. And it can be used to take on more complex assignments or complete simple tasks planned for the next week. Then already on Monday you will devote all your time to urgent projects.

4. Schedule breaks

You need at least two breaks during the working day. Don’t force yourself to sit at your computer all day if you’re tired or just don’t feel like doing it. The times when society believed that “lunch break for losers and in general you need to work more than 80 hours a week” have long sunk into oblivion.

Now it’s quite the opposite. Research shows that breaks help reduce and even prevent stress, improve performance throughout the day, and reduce the need for long rest periods after work.

Therefore, before you sit down at your desk, set three alarms. Two of them for a 20-minute break , and one more for lunch. No one will benefit from the fact that you will stoically force yourself to work. Think of these breaks as taking care of yourself and your mental health.

5. Listen to music

You probably remember at least one moment in your life when music drastically changed your mood. Research shows that listening to music during the production process improves not only mood but also the quality of the work being done.

So if you lack motivation this Friday, turn on your favorite artist or band and keep working the same way. If the songs make it difficult to concentrate, and classical music and jazz are not your thing, try listening to something in the trip-hop, house or ambient genre.

6. Reward yourself for a good day

We are often told to enjoy the moment . But the present moment is often too tense, so it is quite difficult to enjoy it. In such a situation, the power of impatience will come to the rescue.

Come up with a reward that you give yourself after work. Understanding that at the end of the day a nice bonus awaits you will cheer you up and help you complete tasks that you really don’t want to do.

It can be a piece of cake, a romantic dinner, a meeting with friends, or 2 hours of non-stop TikTok. The main thing is that the reward you choose motivates you to deal with difficult work cases.

According to legend, on the ring of King Solomon was written: “Everything passes. This too shall pass”. Friday is no different from other days of the week, and it also tends to end. However, there are still many such Fridays ahead of you. Choose your own way to make them interesting, productive and memorable, and you definitely won’t have to look forward to the weekend again.

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