How to sell on Ozon: a simple guide for beginners

Why you should open an Ozon store

Marketplaces are getting more and more popular every year. 97% of online shoppers have already interacted with these platforms, and 66% of online shoppers believe that prices on marketplaces are lower than in traditional online stores. For sellers, access to such sites is a good opportunity to increase profits: in the first quarter of 2022, Ozon’s regular audience is 28.7 million active buyers, and the frequency of orders per user increased to 9.8 per year, which is 66% more than for the same period in 2021. You can deliver orders throughout the country and even beyond its borders – the marketplace has more than 19 thousand pickup points.

Ozon will allow you to find customers and take your business to a new level, and if you need funds for development, the Ozon.Invest platform will help. Here you can receive money from the marketplace partners on favorable terms: for example, arrange financing for the purchase of new equipment or rent a warehouse. It is enough to submit only one application – in your personal account you will see all the suitable offers. To repay a loan, you do not need to go to the bank or transfer money to the lender – the required amount will be deducted from payments for sales on Ozon.

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How to start a business on Ozon

1. Register

Both large brands and start-up entrepreneurs will find their customers on Ozon – the marketplace cooperates with legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and self-employed people. If you want to make money from your hobby, register as a self-employed person, open a store on Ozon and get access to a million audience. So you can offer buyers goods of your own production, if they are not subject to excise duty and are not subject to certification or mandatory labeling. For example, craft cheese, homemade jam or designer perfumes cannot be sold to a self-employed person on the marketplace, but hand-made candles, wooden utensils, jewelry or mittens can.

It takes 10-15 minutes to open a seller’s personal account on Ozon. Here’s what to do:

  • Log in to the merchant platform. Enter your phone number – a code will be sent to it to confirm the entry. After that, select the country in which you will sell your products. Generate a password to enter your personal account and enter your first name, last name and e-mail – a link will be sent to it to confirm registration.
  • Add company information. Choose how you will work with the marketplace: as a legal entity, individual entrepreneur or self-employed. Enter the name of your store and mark the main category of goods that will be presented in it.
  • Upload documents and add payment details. For example, if you are going to work as a legal entity, you need to upload an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, an individual entrepreneur needs to provide a copy of the passport, and a self-employed person needs a passport and a TIN certificate. The data about the seller and his details will be sent for verification – usually it takes one business day.
  • Read and accept the offer. This is an agreement that regulates the relationship between the marketplace and the seller. Ozon took care of entrepreneurs and translated the offer from legal into Russian: each paragraph of the document is provided with a short and understandable explanation.

Done, now you have your own store on Ozon – all you have to do is fill it with goods and start selling!

2. Add products

Ozon has more than 20 categories of goods: you can sell food, clothes and shoes, cosmetics, everything for children, household appliances, things for home, sports and repair. There are also restrictions: for example, the sale of animals, alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited on the marketplace.

If your products fall into the category of allowed for sale, it’s easy – you need to add their descriptions to the marketplace. In order for buyers to pay attention to your offer, it is important to create an attractive product card. Tell us more about the characteristics of the product and scenarios for its use, add visual photos or videos so that buyers can immediately see the product in action.

Rich content is a free tool that turns a dry text description into a colorful landing page with illustrations to make the card really bright. Rich content makes it easier to stand out from the competition: according to Ozon, products with illustrated descriptions can end up in the cart 2% more often than options with standard design. You don’t need web layout skills to create rich content — you can connect blocks with text, photos, and videos in a simple constructor. When you’re done, send the card for moderation: Ozon experts will check whether the product description meets the site’s requirements.

3. Choose the format of work

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Ozon offers sellers several cooperation schemes:

  • FBO. This is delivery from the warehouse of the marketplace. Ozon is responsible for assembling and packing orders, and the seller just needs to regularly replenish stocks of goods in the warehouse.
  • FBS. The product is stored in the seller’s warehouse, and delivery can be entrusted to the Ozon Rocket service. This model is suitable, for example, if you offer large-sized goods or novelties for which it is still difficult to predict demand.
  • RFBS or web-mart model. The seller takes care of storage, packaging, and delivery of orders, and the marketplace brings buyers to him. Using this model, you can sell some goods for which there are restrictions under other schemes. So, you can arrange the delivery of plants – and seedlings, and bouquets, and flowers in pots.

Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can trade in all three schemes, while FBS and RFBS are available to the self-employed. These models are easy to combine: you can store some of the goods in your own warehouse, and send some to the marketplace warehouse.

If you find it difficult to understand the conditions, you can seek help from certified Ozon technical partners . These are companies that are professionally engaged in promotion on the marketplace. They will tell you which work scheme to choose, advise on promotion on Ozon and sales analysis, help with photo and video shooting of goods for card design – in general, they will take care of the whole routine.

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4. Launch your first sales

To attract buyers, tell them about your offers. Here are three ideas on how to do it.

Join Ozon promotions

Select the products for which you are ready to reduce the price, and the marketplace will take care of their promotion. Ozon regularly holds large-scale sales and promotions that help you earn more. For example, in 2021, thanks to the 11.11 and Black Friday MEGA sales, sellers increased their turnover by an average of 7–8 times. Promotions are a chance to appeal to a huge audience: before the sales, Ozon launches massive advertising campaigns that attract new customers.

Give points for reviews

According to Ozon, products with reviews are 160% more likely to end up in the cart and attract more attention – buyers go to the cards of such offers up to 4 times more often. Such a system is also beneficial for customers: for each review they leave, they can receive points that can be easily paid with the next orders. 1 point is equal to 1 ruble. You decide exactly how many points to give for a review, but comments with photos or videos of the product are valued higher.

Set up an advertising campaign

Video ads and banners on the main page and in certain product categories will allow you to tell about your offers on Ozon, as well as promotion in the search for a marketplace – with it, your products will get to higher positions compared to competitors’ products. Another option is to participate in a mass mailing: a banner with your offer will be included in a daily email for all marketplace customers. Ozon specialists will help to attract external traffic as well. For example, you can run search and banner ads in Yandex.Direct by configuring them based on user behavior in search.

5. Watch how income grows

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On Ozon, each seller has access to marketplace analytics: in their personal account, you can see what products and brands are popular with buyers, find out the most frequent search queries on the platform, and evaluate the effectiveness of your promotions. A special calculator will help you calculate the profit and costs of sales: it shows the marketplace commission, the cost of processing and shipping the goods, as well as the amount that Ozon will pay the seller.

For more information on how to increase sales, check out the Ozon Seller University Learning Portal. Here you can find e-courses that will help you understand how to work on the marketplace, and tips from experienced sellers on how to find your niche, set up promotion and get the most out of sales during the high season.

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