Netflix released the series "Sandman" – with subtitles in Russian

On August 5, The Sandman premiered on Netflix. All episodes are now available to watch. There is no dubbing, but there are subtitles in Russian.

The series is based on the comic book by Neil Gaiman. Moreover, the author of the original was responsible for the adaptation. Therefore, any liberties in the film adaptation can be considered canonical.

According to the plot, Morpheus, the ruler of the kingdom of dreams, is captured by a sorcerer. The hero manages to free himself only after 70 years. Now Morpheus must regain his powers and realize how much the world has changed in his absence.

The main role was played by British actor Tom Sturridge, known for the film “Rock Wave”. Also working on the project
Jamie Childs (“His Dark Materials”), Andres Baies (“Narcos”) and Louise Hooper (“The Witcher “).

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