Scientists have told about the chances of men to live longer than women

A team of scientists from Siddan University in Denmark analyzed data from 1751 to 2020 from 199 populations on all continents to find out what the chances are for men to outlive women. The results of the study are published in the journal BMJ Open.

The analysis showed that women live about five to six years longer. So, by the age of 85, there are six women for every man. By the age of 100, this ratio becomes more than two to one – also in favor of women. And up to 122 years old, the age of Jeanne Calment, the longevity record holder, not a single man lived.

As a rule, men die earlier due to a large amount of stress. In addition, they are more prone to bad habits . Women, despite an equal amount of stress background, harm their body less with alcohol and smoking.

Also, scientists do not exclude biological factors. For example, according to researchers, differences in the set of chromosomes and the hormonal background of men and women also play an important role in the issue of longevity.

When scientists took the so-called “survival statistics” for comparison, the picture changed. This method helps to estimate the probability that an individual from a population with a high mortality rate will outlive an individual from a sample with a low mortality rate.

This analysis showed roughly the same results in all populations: the probability that a newborn male child would outlive his sister was only 25-50%. In some countries, this figure was higher than the average, but in general , over the past more than 200 years, only one or two men out of four have outlived women. This is especially noticeable in poorer countries, where statistics caught up with more developed countries only in the 1970s.

According to data from 2015 to 2019, US men were 40% more likely to live longer than women. And if you believe the statistics, the chances were especially increased if the men were married and had a higher education .

The researchers concluded that, in general, the prevailing opinion that men in the general mass live less is not entirely correct. Men have a significant chance of living longer than women, but there are many different factors that affect life expectancy. Controlling these factors can change the statistics.

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