8 things to create comfort in the house

1. Plaid

A blanket at home in the cold season is almost an essential thing. It is nice to wrap up in it in the evenings after work or wrap yourself up for the whole weekend. However, you should not remove the bedspread in the far corner of the closet in spring and summer. A blanket can be used as a decorative element: casually throw it over the back of a sofa or beautifully drape an armchair.

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2. Decorative pillows

Another piece of furniture that will come in handy to create a cozy atmosphere. With the help of decorative pillows, you can quickly disguise the worn upholstery of an old sofa or give a more original look to a new minimalist furniture.

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3. Carpet

Carpets are often abandoned for reasons of practicality: it is easier to clean the room this way. However, it is this element that is able to set the style for the entire room. Yes, and walking barefoot on a soft surface is much more pleasant than on cold tiles or laminate. If you choose a carpet with a short pile, then it will not be very difficult to care for it.

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4. Wall decorations

Empty walls, especially white ones, look cold and uncomfortable. The tapestries, posters, decorative masks and other cute little things placed on them will help to correct the situation.

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5. Photo frames

Frames with photos from a personal archive are also good for decorating walls. Products can also be placed on furniture – a coffee table, chest of drawers or bookshelves. The main thing is not to overdo it so that the surfaces do not look cluttered.

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6. Garland

During the New Year holidays, the house becomes especially atmospheric. A garland will help create a similar atmosphere in any season. It will look good above the bed, on the window or bookshelves – the choice of place for lighting is limited only by the imagination and the length of the power cord. In addition, you can choose a garland with light bulbs of an unusual shape, which will decorate the interior even during the day.

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7. Plants

Figurines are often placed on shelves and other empty surfaces. Houseplants will become much more attractive decoration. If you do not want to care for the living, look for artificial succulents, cacti or bonsai in small pots.

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8. Scented candles and diffusers

The final touch in creating a classy atmosphere is a pleasant aroma. You can choose one universal option for the whole house or choose different candles or diffusers for each room. Relaxing aromas with notes of lavender and flax will be appropriate in the bedroom, and the smells of fresh pastries or coffee in the kitchen.

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