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Data.ai analysts have calculated that users from Russia spend 4.5 hours a day on their smartphones. We believe that 10 minutes from this time should definitely be devoted to reading our digest. After all, in it we have collected all the most useful and interesting for the week.

Editorial news

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We worked tirelessly for several months: we studied a lot of medical papers, spoke with experts and … drew a carousel of embryos. And now we show you the result of our labors: a pregnancy calendar. It will help you find out what happens to a woman and a child at different times, track alarming symptoms, and even pack a bag for the hospital. Now all the most important information for expectant mothers is collected in one place.

news of the week

Photo: NASA / JPL‑Caltech

Remember, a couple of weeks ago we wrote about the strange “noodles” that the Perseverance rover found on Mars? NASA experts have finally put forward a version and told where it came from. Spoiler alert: Not from a Martian Italian restaurant.

Article of the week

Shot from the series “The Vampire Diaries”

An imaginary, but very honorable medal for the best article this week goes to you, dear readers! Recently, we asked what habits have dramatically changed your life, and from the most interesting comments we have collected inspiring and motivating material .

And if you’d like to share your story too, keep an eye out for our Let Us Know section.

The best of our social networks

I want to spend the last summer month as pleasantly and richly as possible. To find out what August will be like, look at this mysterious tablet. The first three words you see are your prediction. Come to our Telegram channel and write in the comments what happened to you.

Image: Lifehacker

More interesting

  • Now employers are increasingly paying attention to soft skills or flexible skills of employees. Literally everyone speaks about their importance, but few know what qualities are hidden under this concept. Marketer Zane Kahn lists 11 soft skills important for a career and gives brief tips for developing them.
  • Let’s add one more item to this set – the ability to notice that you are being manipulated. You need to know the enemy by sight, so we advise you to read an excerpt from the book of a psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience. There he goes into detail on three tricks that manipulators love to use.
  • Let’s be honest: even deep knowledge in psychology can not always save you from a painful break. How to properly terminate any relationship – business, friendship or romantic – we tell in this article .
  • Okay, we’re all about psychology and psychology. It’s time to go to the cottage to transplant strawberries! Everything you need to know about this procedure, you will find in our instructions .
  • In addition to replanting bushes, add watching new TV series to your August plan. To make it easier for you to choose, we have already compiled a list of the top 12 shows of the month. It features a Neil Gaiman comic adaptation, a Mike Tyson biography, and the return of two super-popular franchises.
  • Have you watched all the series and want to diversify your free evenings? Try board games! Moreover, they do not always need a big company. We chose 10 cool board games that can be played together. And without the erotic context!

That’s all. We wish you to have a good rest and break into the new week with renewed vigor.

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