What happens to our body when we stop having sex

Have you recently broken up with your partner or are you just too busy? Maybe work and small children contribute to the fact that in the evenings you instantly pass out as soon as your head touches the pillow? The reasons for the lack of sex can be different. The consequences will be the same for everyone and not very pleasant.

A few days off turn into weeks, and weeks into months. At first, there is just a slight lack of sex, and then it becomes something familiar, an integral part of life. We begin to notice behind ourselves not only strange emotional reactions, but also palpable physical problems. Lack of sex doesn’t just make us a bit bitchy. It threatens with very real diseases.

Decreased immunity

Dr. Cory B. Honickman believes that the immune system weakens as soon as we stop having sex for an extended period. Studies show that people who have a regular sex life have a 33% higher immunity.

Stress levels rise

Sex increases the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness . Accordingly, the absence of this act suspends this factory of pleasure and increases the level of stress. Research conducted at the University of Paisley (UK) shows that people after ordinary sex cope with stressful situations much better than those who practice other forms or abstain.

Problems with arousal

Men suffer from erectile dysfunction . It can be both erection problems and premature ejaculation.

Changing the content of dreams

During the period of sexual abstinence, people often begin to have dreams of a sexual nature. Sometimes they are so realistic that you can have an orgasm. Since the sex life does not add up in reality, why not try your luck in a dream? Of course, dreams are only a faint echo of the present, but it’s better than nothing.

Decreased libido

Dr. Honeykman notes that as a result of prolonged sexual abstinence, sexual desire also decreases. Why torment an already tortured body, if sex still does not shine? It’s quite normal. A natural reaction during periods of calm.

There is alienation between partners

A break in sexual life can not only reduce libido, but also lead to a cooling of feelings. Moreover, the lack of sex is quite noticeable. Those around you subconsciously receive a signal that, if you are attractive to a person, may prompt him to begin to show interest in you and move on to more active actions.

Decreased self-esteem

You may begin to feel less attractive. It is believed that sperm is a kind of natural antidepressant. Its deficiency can also lead to poor mood. This applies not only to those who took a forced break, but also to partners who prefer condoms as a means of protection. Of course, condoms must be used. But if you have a regular partner or a husband / wife, you can use other means of contraception .

Increased risk of developing prostate cancer

Studies show that the longer a man’s sexual activity is interrupted, the higher the chance of getting prostatitis or prostate cancer.

The walls of the vagina weaken and the risk of developing gynecological diseases increases

Sex for women is like exercising for the kegel muscles . Ladies, if for some reason you don’t have sex, give yourself at least a light workout.

In addition, the result of prolonged abstinence may be stagnation of blood in the pelvic area, which threatens the development of diseases such as adnexitis and mastopathy.

Hormonal disruptions occur

Another unpleasant consequence of sexual abstinence for both men and women.

In the female body, the amount of male hormones increases, which leads to skin problems (rash, dryness). Premature wrinkles may also appear. Having sex stimulates the production of collagen , which makes the skin supple. No sex – hello premature aging!

Men also develop skin problems in the form of a rash, and an excess of male hormones can cause outbursts of aggression and the appearance of obsessive thoughts.

In addition to the above, a long break in sexual life can also lead to obesity (attempts to seize grief and have fun), alcoholism, insomnia, chronic pain and the appearance of hair in unwanted places in women.

The only positive aspect of abstinence is the absence of sexually transmitted diseases. But this is a rather dubious plus if you have had a permanent partner for a long time, right?

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