Bloggers made a two-ton hammer of Thor and dropped it on a car, a trampoline and a bunch of watermelons

Youtubers from the Hacksmith channel, who previously made a real lightsaber , this time decided to create the largest replica of Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer. After spending more than 2 thousand hours, they coped with the task.

The finished Mjolnir weighs 4,444 pounds, or just over 2 tons. The number was made so accurate as a joke: it’s just that in English the number 4 (four) and the name of the Scandinavian god (Thor) sound quite similar.

What did they do with him next? They took a crane and began to drop it from a height of 7 to 30 meters onto various things. In particular, the hammer was dropped on whiskey barrels, metal barrels, a refrigerator, an old TV, a bunch of watermelons, an unfinished project that was abandoned by the customer, a pickup truck and other things.

Even the safe, protected from explosions, turned into a metal pancake under the weight of the hammer. And no wonder: according to calculations, the force of impact with such a hammer reaches 5 million N – this is as if the same objects were sharply pressured at 160 atm (equivalent to water pressure at a depth of 1.6 km).

A video about how this hammer was created (which, by the way, cost the team 100 thousand dollars) was released on the same channel at the end of July.

The authors have not yet told what they are going to do with this hulk further – although it is difficult to imagine that they will find some use for it in everyday life.

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