Poll: what methods of raising children do you consider acceptable?

VTsIOM conducted a survey of parents of adult and minor children, in which he learned about the methods of education used. All participants in the survey could choose multiple answers. Here are the results:

  • 76% of respondents use instructions and moralizing;
  • 31% of respondents limit watching TV, using gadgets and walking;
  • 19% still put children in a corner as punishment;
  • 13% use corporal punishment in the form of slaps and slaps;
  • 8% of respondents deprive children of pocket money;
  • 7% of respondents admitted that they are punished with a belt.

The survey participants themselves also told how their parents raised them. Thus, 21% of the respondents reported being punished with a belt, and 20% reported slaps, clicks and slaps on the back of the head. Every third person was put in a corner.

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