“The entry threshold is too high”: what do critics write about the series “The Sandman”

On August 5, Netflix released a new adaptation of Neil Gaiman, the first season of The Sandman. The project received excellent ratings on Rotten Tomatoes: now it has 86% freshness according to reviews from 64 critics, the average rating of ordinary viewers is 4.3 points out of 5 possible.

The series has been praised for its great atmosphere and visuals, the right cast, and its well-crafted portrayal of the original story and world. They scold him mainly for the uneven narrative, which will be difficult to understand for an unprepared viewer. Below are some conclusions from foreign critical articles.

Given the close attention to source material, the impressive cast, and the scale of the world-building on screen, The Sandman definitely needs big seasons and will be a dream adaptation for [Gaiman’s] fans.


The quality of the work done is clearly visible here: it is clear that the show had a good budget, Goyer showed his skills, and the actors understood what they wanted from them and how to achieve it.

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Shot from the series “Sandman”

At best, the series will be great entertainment for fantasy fans and will introduce the viewer to the peculiarities of Neil Gaiman’s style. But the entry threshold is too high, and not all viewers will be ready to feel this intricate saga.

The Atlantic

After a visually impressive and sinisterly tense first half, the pace of the story slows down and almost freezes, so that at some point you wake up on your couch, realizing that you do not remember the second half of The Sandman.

new york magazine

The series is striking in its visual component, but at the same time it is too sluggish. Probably only those who already know everything about this universe will like it.


Recall that “The Sandman” tells about the lord of the kingdom of dreams, Morpheus, who is captured by a sorcerer. The hero manages to free himself only after 70 years. Now Morpheus must regain his powers and realize how much the world has changed in his absence. All 10 episodes of the first season with Russian subtitles are available on Netflix, there is no voice acting.

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