Why Monday is easier to make decisions

Bob Neese

Scientific consultant, author.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed the statistics of search queries on Google for some words (among them “diet”, “gym”), and it turned out that on Mondays, many people have an increased interest in achieving their goals . A similar situation is observed on other important calendar dates: New Year, the beginning of a new school year, birthday. In addition, on Mondays, the number of requests “how to quit smoking” is increasing .

The researchers suggest that this happens because such dates separate one era of our lives from another. It becomes easier for us to think about the future and let go of our past mistakes.

On Mondays, we stop worrying about whether we’re climbing the corporate ladder fast enough and wonder if it’s the right ladder at all.

For personal and professional success, it is very important to forget about the little things for a while and try to see the big picture. But we rarely succeed.

It’s not that we choose not to go to the gym, donate money to charity, or not call our parents. It’s just that we operate on autopilot and don’t even realize that we could have acted differently.

Our tendency to let things take their course reflects how our brains work. Of the ten million units of information that the brain processes per second, only about 50 units are involved in conscious thinking – that’s 0.0005%. We are not built for constant vigilance.

Our brains simply can’t sort through the various options every minute and carefully consider every decision we make. Instead, the subconscious mind is responsible for most of the decisions regarding our behavior.

To switch into conscious decision-making mode, the brain constantly compares the surrounding reality with our expectations. Only when we see a threat or something new does the brain become fully involved in the decision-making process.

For some reason, Mondays, as well as the first days of the month and the New Year, unsettle us and make us wonder if we are moving in the right direction. They encourage us to think about solutions that we might otherwise not even notice.

This effect can be enhanced by consciously taking breaks from your usual routine. This will help not only to consciously consider any decisions, but also to act in accordance with them.

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