Huge 'ear' found on Mars' surface

On Mars, objects are constantly found that resemble something very familiar: either a notorious face that turned out to be the creation of the Martian winds, or a strange grid that looks suspiciously like snake skin, or even “ noodles ”. Now the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has detected the ear.

We are talking about a large crater, which turned out to be very similar to the human auditory organ.

Are all cases when we see human silhouettes where they are not, can be called pareidolia ? Now you’re looking at a crater that looks a lot like a human ear. Having examined it once, you will no longer have a chance to see something else.

writes a team of reconnaissance satellite engineers

A crater with a diameter of 1.8 km is located on the Chrys Plain, and this is an extremely interesting place. Here are the lowest heights on Mars, 2-3 kilometers below the planetary average. This region was the terminus for many ancient rivers and canals, originating in the southern highlands and even the Mariner Valley.

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