Korean scientists create self-healing car enamel

Employees of the Korea Institute of Chemical Technology presented a polymer coating for cars that tightens scratches in sunlight. About the new product writes the magazine ACS Applied Polymer Materials.

The coating is based on acrylic polyhydric alcohol, the molecules of which are connected to each other. This action is repeatedly reversible, and to restore the previous shape, the coating must be placed in the sun. Heat acts as a stimulus for recovery due to the introduction of a photothermal dye into the structure of the enzyme, which captures infrared radiation and helps molecules restore broken bonds.

Image: Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Experiments have shown that the coating is restored in half an hour of exposure to ordinary sunlight. According to the authors, such material is more practical and promising against the background of competitive solutions.

Coatings with similar properties exist, but they usually take much longer to regenerate, and this requires directed infrared rays, which are much stronger than daylight. Sometimes this process can take days or even weeks – as is the case with the Nissan Scratch Shield coating.

The authors of the invention believe that the paint they created will find application not only in the automotive industry, but also among many other devices with harsh operating conditions. We are talking about smartphones and other portable electronics, which are constantly threatened by scratches and chips.

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