Pumping: Vigorous Interval Training for Home or Outdoors

This interval training will help burn a lot of calories and load the hips and abdominal muscles well. At the same time, it does not include complex exercises, and therefore is suitable even for those who do not know how to do push-ups and pull-ups.

How to do the workout

The complex consists of five exercises:

  • Jumping with a touch of the knee and Jumping Jacks;
  • “Cliff-climber” based on a bench;
  • Squats with jumping and turning;
  • “Scissors” on the bench;
  • Push-ups with a jump on the bench.

Set a timer and do each of them for 40 seconds, rest the rest of the minute and start the next one. If your breathing is very difficult, try 30 second work and rest intervals.

At the end, rest 60-90 seconds and start again. Perform three such circles.

How to do exercises

Knee Touch Jumps and Jumping Jacks

With a jump, raise your bent leg and touch your knee with your palms. Repeat the same with the other leg, and then make one jump “feet together – legs apart”, raising your arms to shoulder level.

Perform the combination vigorously to warm up well.

“Rock climber” based on a bench

Put your hands on a support: a bench, a low horizontal bar or a chair if you are exercising at home. Bend your knees one at a time, pulling them closer to your chest. Make sure your abs stay tight and your pelvis doesn’t move up and down a lot during the change of legs.

Jump and twist squats

Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Perform two low jumps in place, then go into a deep squat and jump out of it. Repeat the chain of movements, but this time turn 90 degrees.

Continue in the same spirit, after each jump out of the squat, turning in a new direction.

“Scissors” on the bench

Sit on a bench, chair, or rug on the floor. Raise your straight legs, resting your hands on the surface. Keeping your back straight, move your legs up and down in a small range.

Push-ups with a bench jump

Perform a push-up, keeping your elbows close to your body, with a jump, put your feet on the support, and then jump onto it. Return to starting position and repeat. Make sure that during push-ups the body remains even, and the lower back does not sag.

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