Why study Java at Kata Academy? Learned from online school graduates

1. You can get the knowledge you need in the market

Java is one of the top most popular programming languages. The main advantage of Java is its versatility. Using this language, you can create server software, a marketplace website, and a mobile application for Android. And thanks to detailed documentation and libraries with ready-made functions, even a beginner will be able to master Java.

Alexander Yakovlev (name changed)

Graduate of Kata Academy.

Before programming, I worked as a sales manager, realtor, even ran my own business. It is interesting to work for yourself, but you have to solve a lot of tasks: prepare reports, calculate salaries, plan finances. Sometimes suppliers let you down, sometimes you can’t cope on your own and suffer losses. In general, you plow, and in a month you leave yourself at best 100 thousand rubles.

I had an interest in development, and with the help of Java, I solved some problems for my business. At some point, I came across a Kata Academy chat. The courses seriously promised employment and good money immediately, and not after two years of work. And you don’t have to pay while studying. This option suited me quite well, because my income was unstable, and I applied.

The program at Kata Academy is based on real business challenges and based on market requirements. There is no need to waste time on useless and general knowledge. A list of skills and completed practical tasks will make a resume and portfolio competitive. In addition, Kata Academy will help you prepare for the interview so that you get a job faster.

2. Easy to start even without investments

At Kata Academy, you can study for free and pay for the course when you find a job. The company uses the ISA (Income Share Agreement) model: the student receives the necessary knowledge at the expense of the future salary in the chosen profession. You can pay for the course within two years after employment in a new specialty. The cost of education is divided into equal payments – they are 17% of the salary after deduction of personal income tax.

Andrey Fedorov (name changed)

Graduate of Kata Academy.

Before studying at Kata, I worked in a government institution as a system administrator and received around 18 thousand rubles. A friend advised me to enter Kata Academy, showing by example that after graduation you can earn more than 200 thousand rubles. The main plus of paying after training is that this approach eliminates the fear that you won’t be able to find a job. You do not bother with this head and calmly pass the course.

Kata trains specialists who will be able to receive attractive offers in a new profession. Under the agreement, Kata guarantees students employment with a minimum salary of 100 thousand rubles a month, but often you can get more at the start. If the graduate fails to find a job, the school will cover the cost of education.

Ravshan Akhmedov (name changed)

Graduate of Kata Academy.

Post-employment pay proved to be a lifesaver for me because I couldn’t afford to invest in courses here and now. When I found out about Kata Academy, I decided to try it – and in the end I did not regret it.

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3. A mentor supports when things get tough.

Education at Kata Academy takes place on a special online platform: students study theory, perform practical tasks and master working with code. Students are not left alone with the flow of information – a mentor with experience in IT helps them to gain new knowledge. He monitors the assimilation of the program, and if the student has questions, he suggests the right direction to find answers to them. More students are waiting for regular reviews, where the mentor checks the written code and explains how to improve it.

Alexander Yakovlev

The mentor sets the vector of development. He can support if you are in doubt, but if you don’t prepare well, he can fill up for reviews several times in a row. Sometimes a mentor is not enough, but this teaches you not to wait for help, but to look for a solution on your own.

A mentor is not a tutor who will explain the same topic over and over again. He does not solve problems for students, but indicates the right direction for development. The online school helps to develop independence and responsibility, because these qualities will be useful to graduates in real work.

4. Regular knowledge checks help you study

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Kata Academy makes sure that students can quickly find a job and do it well. Therefore, the results are carefully monitored at all stages. After mastering each topic, the student takes a mini-exam: he passes the test and gives the code to his mentor for review. Such a test allows you to make sure that the student has consolidated the necessary knowledge in practice and can move on to a new topic.

The first stage of training is Java Core, getting to know the basics of working in Java. Students have a month and a half to do this. After receiving the initial development skills, students are prepared for a team project within two months. Students learn to work with the Git version control system, the Hibernate library, the Maven and Spring frameworks.

Alexander Yakovlev

The most stressful for me was the pre-project stage, which is transferred after the successful completion of Java Core. At the pre-project, you can feel like a participant in a marathon who was left without fellow travelers. Everything is no longer as fun as on Java Core, where solving a problem took a maximum of 1-2 days. Now the tasks last up to 3-4 weeks, but by the end of the stage, you can create something that looks like a real project.

You don’t have to quit your old job for the sake of studying – you can study at Kata at a convenient time for you. The main thing is to be able to regularly devote at least 25 hours a week to tasks – so you can fully assimilate the material.

Andrey Fedorov

Most of all, I remember one of the practical tasks at the pre-project stage, when it was necessary to learn JavaScript in a short time and write a code block on it. During execution, I had to spend a lot of nerves, but in the end, when I realized that the code was fully working, I got the most pleasant emotions from execution.

5. There is a chance to try yourself in team development

After Java Core and the pre-project of the students of the Java developer course, the next stage awaits – a team project in which you need to show not only your knowledge, but also communication skills. Just like a real job!

Alexander Yakovlev

Working in a team on a project gives an idea of the real work of a developer. So you can understand what situations happen when several people write adjacent pieces of code, what conflicts can arise and how to solve them.

The process will be organized according to Scrum, which is an agile project management methodology that is often used in IT companies. A large project is divided into sprints of up to four weeks. At the beginning of each segment, the team plans what tasks they will complete, and at the end, they present the result of their work. This approach allows you to quickly make changes to the work plan so that you do not have to finish the project at the last moment.

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6. After graduation, you can get a Junior + / Middle position

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This level is provided by an intensive training program and real projects as practice. You won’t have to look for a job for a long time: the course program includes consultations with an HR specialist who will help you create a resume and portfolio, choose the most attractive companies on the market and find the perfect job. Preparing for an interview takes a month and a half, and students will have a month to search for a job.

After graduation, Kata helps students with job searches in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The school analyzes the offers that graduates receive and can advise on how the market situation is changing.

Ravshan Akhmedov

I spent about two weeks looking for a job. I went through about 10 interviews and received four offers. Agreed to the offer, which suited me for the technology stack and the team. I got a Junior+ position. The HR specialist at the last stage helped to put the resume in order.

7. Community is motivating

Support from fellow students and alumni helps students at all stages of their studies. After graduation, they continue to exchange knowledge, share their successes, and even create joint projects. You can contact the student chat with any question – for example, to get advice on how to solve a problem, or ask to evaluate your resume.

Alexander Yakovlev

In chats, you can find out what is happening in the labor market, who got a job where and for what money. It is always easy to turn to colleagues for technical help or even for psychological support if you are confused or burned out.

8. Support doesn’t end even after graduation

Kata Academy believes that finding a good job is only the first step. And ahead of the developer is waiting for the constant improvement of skills. The online school will teach you not to give in to difficult tasks and quickly search for the information you need.

Ravshan Akhmedov

In addition to the main thing – learning a programming language, at Kata Academy I learned how to study, parse a ton of information and look for what I need right now. This is the most important skill that I have acquired in the online school.

For two years after graduation, students have access to the Kata Academy student community. For graduates, meetups, webinars and field meetings are held with experts – technical specialists from IT, career mentors and HR consultants.

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