Creatures that drink blood and live in darkness were mentioned in the folklore of European peoples. Now vampires in popular culture are increasingly reminiscent of people, but scare and arouse interest, as in ancient times. Collected eight exciting books about vampires.

“Interview with the Vampire” Anne Rice

"Interview with the Vampire" Anne Rice

The protagonist Louis meets with a journalist who collects interesting stories from people’s lives. Louis looks 25 years old, but in fact he was that old in 1791, because in fact the man is a vampire.

At the end of the 18th century, he lost his brother and, out of grief, began to drink a lot of alcohol. Not finding solace in strong drinks, the man began to deliberately seek death: to agree to duels and start loud quarrels. And Louis’ wish came true, but not in the way he expected. In one of the gateways, the vampire Lestat caught him and turned Louis, changing him once and for all. And so began the vampire story, two centuries long.

“Empire V”, Victor Pelevin

books about vampires: "Empire V", Viktor Pelevin

The hero of this book about vampires, Roman, is not very lucky in life. His father left the family immediately after his birth, relations with his mother also did not work out, and later the young man could not enter the university. After another quarrel with his mother, the young man decided to leave home. He didn’t know where to go or what to do. Therefore, when I saw a green arrow on the pavement with an inscription promising to change my life, I followed it out of curiosity.

The arrow led Roman to a strange place where he was tied up by a masked man. The man declared that he was a representative of a superior race, a vampire looking for an apprentice. After a short conversation, the stranger turned Roman. Now the hero has to get used to a new life and adapt to the world of vampires.

“Night Watch”, Sergey Lukyanenko

"Night Watch", Sergey Lukyanenko

Anton Gorodetsky is not an ordinary person. He is a light Other who watches over dark Others: vampires, werewolves, sorcerers hidden from people’s eyes. The hero works in the Night Watch, an organization that maintains a balance between Light and Darkness. If the balance is not observed, it will lead to the destruction of the existing world order.

One day, Anton’s leader gives him a task – a maniac vampire kills people without the permission of the Watch, and the main character must find the offender. The search leads Anton to the boy Egor, who has a vampire mark on him. This means that the child is being hunted. Continuing surveillance and following Yegor to the vampires’ lair, Anton does not yet imagine that this event can forever destroy the balance of light and dark forces.

“Those Who Hunt in the Night” Barbara Hambley

Vampire Books: Those Who Hunt in the Night by Barbara Hambly

James Asher is a former British secret agent and now a retired college teacher. One day, returning home after work, James stumbles upon an intruder with pale skin. The stranger introduces himself to Isidro and claims to be one of the oldest vampires in London.

The guest explains to James that he needs help. Someone has staged a vampire hunt and is ruthlessly killing Isidro’s associates. The man asks the former agent to find out who organized the hunt: a man who wants to exterminate evil spirits, or a vampire who is thirsty for his own blood.

Vampires John Stickley

Vampires John Stickley

In this book, vampires are completely unrestrained and do not give life to ordinary people. They kill men and women or turn them into their own kind. Luckily, there is Jack Raven, a famous vampire hunter. Together with his team, a man comes to Indiana to help local residents get rid of aggressive creatures.

After another successful sortie, the team decides to celebrate the success. However, in the midst of the party, the squad is suddenly attacked by a surviving vampire. It takes hunters by surprise. Jack’s comrades-in-arms, who did not expect an attack, die. Now the main character has to assemble a new squad and come up with a different strategy, because this time the man is faced with someone especially dangerous and bloodthirsty.

“Nosferatu” Hill Joe

Vampire Books: Nosferatu by Hill Joe

At the age of nine, Victoria realized that she had a special gift. As soon as she rode her bicycle over the bridge near her home, she was transported to any place – whether it was a remote corner of her native Massachusetts or even another state.

At the same time, a mysterious maniac was operating in America, who kidnapped children and drank their blood. According to witnesses, he drove a black Rolls-Royce with the number NOS4A2, for which he received the nickname Nosferatu. The killer deftly avoided the police, and not a single child managed to escape from the man.

Once the paths of the Nosferatu and Victoria crossed. But with the help of her gift, the girl managed to escape from the vampire. She tried to forget what had happened and convinced herself that what had happened was the fruit of her fantasies. But many years later, when Victoria has matured, Nosferatu returns to her life. This time the passenger in his car is the son of the main character.

“Blood Payment”, Tanya Huff

"Blood Payment", Tanya Huff

Vicki Nelson was Toronto’s top cop, but a terminal illness forced her to retire and become a private detective. At the same time, mysterious murders are taking place in the city. Some believe that crimes are committed by a vampire. Then the girl of one of the victims turns to Vicki for help. The main character is skeptical about the existence of immortals, but agrees to get down to business, and at the same time connects her former partner Celucci to the work.

While investigating murders, Vicki meets the real vampire, Henry Fitzroy. The man is concerned that rumors about mythical creatures may give rise to a hunt for them. The heroes have to unite for a common goal – to hunt down the criminal.

“A Man’s Tale of the Rise of the Vampires” by Villaril Raymond

Vampire Books: The Man-Told Story of the Rise of the Vampires by Villaril Raymond

In this book, a variety of people tell about vampires and encounters with them. The story begins on behalf of pathologist Lauren Scott, who is suddenly summoned to Arizona. There was an outbreak of a strange virus from which people die, and two corpses need to be examined. However, when the girl arrives in the state, it turns out that the body of one of the dead was stolen, and the second cannot be determined the cause of death. Only strange bites on the carotid artery make it possible to understand that something has happened to a person.

It soon turns out that no one stole the bodies – the victims themselves left the morgue. It turns out that after the incident, people do not die. But irreversible changes occur in their body: the victims are afraid of the sun, they begin to feed on blood, and their productivity increases. There are more and more vampires every day.

Gradually, society is divided into two camps: some do not accept vampires, others believe that they can be useful, and politically correct call them “twilight people”. The infected themselves want to become full members of society and are trying to prove that they are no worse than other people.

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