Quiz “I’ll tell you now”: after whom was the Caesar salad named and is it true that babies urinate in the womb

In the next episode of the podcast quiz “Let me tell you”, Lifehacker development director Ksenia Krasnova and TV presenter, showman, host of the eighth and ninth seasons of the show “The Bachelor” on TNT Mikhail Belyanin participate.

Together with the players you will figure out the most unexpected issues. For example, after whom the Caesar salad was actually named, do babies really urinate into the womb and then drink from there, and what more – trees on Earth or stars in the Galaxy. Get comfortable and turn on the release, it will be interesting!

Two teams participate in the audio quiz “Let me tell you”: Lifehacker employees and friends of the publication. In each issue, two players compete in erudition. The winner earns a point for his team, and the loser will be punished – to tell the most embarrassing story of his life or sing karaoke.

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