5 bank cards for children to which you can transfer pocket money

How is a child’s bank card different from an adult’s?

Such cards are designed for children from 6 to 14 years old. A child at this age does not yet have a passport, so he cannot issue a card himself. But it is available to his parent, to whose account the payment instrument is attached.

Since mom, dad or guardian is already a client of the same bank, they usually do not take money for servicing a child’s card. In addition, an adult can view transactions, set spending limits.

From the age of 14, a child who has received a passport can, with the permission of their parents, issue a card in their name, but it will already be an adult. However, often he can still take a children’s card. Everything here is up to you.

Why does a child need a bank card

It may seem that it is too early for a child to have it. After all, it is sometimes easier to issue banknotes for pocket expenses. But there are several reasons why it is worth getting bank cards for children:

  • He is learning how to use a modern instrument. There is less and less cash in circulation. There was a surge in Russia in late February – early March, but then paper money began to circulate less frequently again. Perhaps when the child grows up, they will disappear altogether. Therefore, it is logical if he already now will get acquainted with the map. (But there is a nuance with security, more on that below.)
  • The card will come in handy in case of an emergency. A parent can virtually give money to a child at any time if he urgently needs it. You have to bring cash.
  • The child spends money on the card independently. But mom and dad can watch his financial decisions and give advice.
  • If the card is lost or taken away, the tool is easy to block.
  • With the card you can receive cashback and bonuses.

How to make a child’s bank card safe

The child can become a victim of scammers. Therefore, it is important to convey to him the basic security rules along with the card: for example, you can’t tell anyone the data on the back of the plastic, and in case of loss, you should not be afraid, but immediately call your parents. This is also part of the training, caution does not appear automatically at the age of 18, it must be trained.

And, of course, your main assistant is the limit for spending on the card. With it, criminals will not steal a painful amount.

What bank cards for children may be of interest

This is a list, not a ranking. Interesting offers are collected in random order. If the age is not specified, the card can be issued for a child from 6 to 14 years old.

1. “Tinkoff Junior” from “Tinkoff”

Maintenance of the card and SMS notifications of mom or dad about the movement of money cost nothing. At the same time, data on spending on a child’s card will also be available in the adult’s mobile application.

Bonuses are promised for purchases – 1% for all expenses, 2% for purchases in online stores, up to 30% for spending with partners. Bonuses are exchanged for money at the rate of 1 point = 1 ruble. Also, the child can save and send money to a savings account, where interest will be charged on them.

Tinkoff also has a mobile application for children’s card holders. In it, they promise to teach the child financial literacy through stories, tests and comics. There is also a feature whereby a parent can send a task to a child and pay for its completion.

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2. “Children’s Multicard World” from VTB

The service is free. Bonuses will accrue 2% of expenses in supermarkets, transport and fast food. True, they are allowed to spend only in the VTB Multibonus program.

You can also change the card design for a brighter one for free. And from the age of 14, a savings account is available to the child to save money.

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3. “Children’s card” from “Alfa-Bank”

You can issue it for a child not from six, but from seven years. The bank promises free card service and 5% cashback for purchases in cafes and restaurants. Information about account movements will be available in the adult and children’s applications (they are not in the App Store). But the child will have access to the application only from the age of 14. For SMS notification from the second month you will have to pay 99 rubles per month.

The card is issued white with a set of stickers. The child decides how to decorate it.

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4. “Children’s card” from “Home Credit Bank”

It is designed for children up to 14 years of age. The card comes with free service and SMS notification, as well as a 3% cashback for purchases in cafes and restaurants and up to 30% for spending with partners.

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5. “Children’s SberCard” from Sberbank

Suitable for children up to 13 years old. The service is free, 0.5% of the expenses are credited with SberSpasibo bonuses. For children, there is a special SberKids app (not available in the App Store), in which children will be able to keep track of expenses and educate themselves financially thanks to videos and tests.

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