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An interesting fact: today in Russia they celebrate the Day of the Athlete. We propose to mark it with a special set of exercises. For one, we get comfortable, for two, we open our fresh digest, for three, we read the best articles of the week and enjoy. Let’s get started!

news of the week

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Have you always thought that 24 hours a day is not enough for all things and good sleep? There is great news: the days on Earth are getting longer. Scientists are still unable to understand the cause of this phenomenon. Read about what is now known about the slowdown of the planet in our material .

Article of the week

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To find time for self-development, it is not necessary to wait for an extra hour in the day. It is enough to use the rule of 2 minutes. In this article of the week, businessman James Clear explains how this strategy can help you beat procrastination and make your day productive.

The best of our social networks

Where do you get energy for all these good habits? The answer is in our community on VKontakte. There we have collected five coffee alternatives that will give you a charge of vivacity and concentration.

More interesting

  • Summer has almost flown by, but summer residents have no less worries. We rush to their aid and explain how to get rid of the wireworm – a malicious larva that eats potatoes, carrots and other root crops.
  • In pursuit of a record harvest, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Apply sunscreen to your skin before going out into the garden. This will help keep her youthful and prevent the appearance of milia – whiteheads. What is it and how to get rid of them, read our article .
  • From the outside, we move on to the inside and tell how meditation helps to become the best version of yourself. Without esotericism, only based on scientific sources and personal experience of Iya Zorina.
  • We continue the topic of self-care and remind you that smoking is harmful. If you are thinking about quitting the habit, be sure to open this text . In it, we explain what happens to the body after quitting smoking. Spoiler: changes will start in 20 minutes.
  • And now about the movie! Netflix has released a series based on Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. Dmitry Kamyshenko shares his impressions of the long-awaited film adaptation in his review .
  • Do you follow all the news and know the best about cinema? Then test your knowledge and take our quiz . In it, you have to recognize the film by the final frame.
  • And finally, super-useful material for those who are planning to buy a new smartphone. We chose six models with the best cameras for 2022.

That’s all. It’s time to quote the song of the “Beasts” group and sadly say: “See you soon!”

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