Why Woody Harrelson's action comedy The Toronto Man is perfect for cleaning

In June, Netflix presented The Man from Toronto, a comedy about the partnership of an assassin and a loser. From August 11, the film can be viewed in Russian cinemas.

The director of the picture was Patrick Hughes, known for the films “Signs”, “The Expendables-3”, “The Killer’s Bodyguard” and “The Killer’s Wife’s Bodyguard”. In recent years, Hughes has focused on action comedy, so The Man from Toronto fits in nicely with his filmography.

The script for the film was written by Chris Bremner (Bad Boys for Life), Robbie Fox (Old Men Under Watch) and Jason Blumenthal (produced the films Lefty, Seven Pounds, Omen).

The Toronto Man, played by Woody Harrelson, is a notorious assassin and ruthless master of torture. A few minutes are enough for him to split any, even the most silent victim.

Teddy (played by Kevin Hart) is a loser. He tries to make money on strange diets and non-contact boxing, but his ideas only drive him into debt. In addition, Teddy constantly fails his wife, who is forced not only to provide for her family, but also to endure her husband’s stupidity.

The paths of the heroes cross because of Teddy’s mistake. While trying to rent a cabin for his wife’s birthday, he accidentally ends up in a house where a man from Toronto is waiting. To survive, Teddy starts to play along and pretends to be the famous killer. There is a raid, and the FBI asks Teddy to continue playing the role of a man from Toronto in order to unravel a very important case. The real person from Toronto also wants the case to be unraveled, and therefore helps his fake doppelgänger.

Banal plot

The Man from Toronto looks like a compilation of scenes from dozens of other films. The main characters at the same time resemble Donkey and Shrek, characters from the movie Rush Hour or a couple of Will Smith and Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys: someone “funny” is spinning around a serious professional.

The conditional plot and the absence of unexpected twists make viewing so comfortable that it becomes boring by the 20th minute.

Fights, dialogues and even jokes – absolutely every episode of the film is predictable and familiar. It doesn’t even help that the characters switch roles a couple of times.

unfunny jokes

In 2015, the film Goodfellas was released, where Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling played the same pair of characters. However, in that film, everything was good both with humor and with the plot. The jokes worked because of a good script, the actors only emphasized the funny.

Shot from the movie “The Man from Toronto”

But in The Man from Toronto, almost all the humor is based on two things: Kevin Hart’s antics and the seriousness of Woody Harrelson (in fact, he plays his role from the movie Seven Psychopaths). The second works, albeit very rarely. But the grimaces of Kevin Hart are already boring by the fifth minute – the film literally begins with them.

Teddy is too stupid a character even for a comedy. For example, he cannot remember two lines from a poem to be used as a code. Sometimes he accidentally says secret information aloud, in some episodes he does not understand what is happening, even if it is about obvious things.

A large part of the jokes is based on the fact that someone hits the wall or falls. It’s even strange that there were no banana peel scenes.

Empty dramatic scenes

As long as The Man from Toronto remains a comedy, it’s more or less watchable. But in the middle of the film there are a couple of scenes that should reveal the characters, give them depth. And this is a failure.

Firstly, the characters become even more stereotyped, they came up with the most stupid past. Secondly, an attempt to add drama destroys the comedy component. If, until the middle of the film, Woody Harrelson’s character could be perceived as a ruthless killer who is funny precisely because of his cruelty, then after flashbacks he also becomes a tragic hero.

But the worst thing is that after the dramatic episodes, cheap comedy is turned on again. So in one scene, “The Man from Toronto” parodies films about assassins, in another – it repeats their elements seriously.

Disregard for details

Shot from the movie “The Man from Toronto”

The hero of Kevin Hart is trying to make money on contactless boxing. He himself explains that this is a great cardio workout in which you do not need to hit anyone. The invention of contactless boxing is a great idea, especially considering that people have been doing something like this for many years. Boxers call it “shadow boxing” and it’s the most popular exercise.

Suppose Kevin Hart’s character doesn’t know about it, but he shares the idea with a friend who is a trainer and owner of a boxing gym. And he acts like he’s hearing this for the first time. Apparently, in the universe of the film “The Man from Toronto” you can even come up with contactless football (jogging) or contactless hockey (skating).

The writers did not stop at the contactless box. In “The Man from Toronto,” the FBI can set up cameras anywhere and identify an individual from one frame, but they can’t track the car that drives the target of their search for the entire movie. And the FBI persuades a person to engage in a matter of national importance, as if just like that, for an idea. But if he asks, he can pay off his credit card debt.

Shot from the movie “The Man from Toronto”

“Man from Toronto” will be a great backdrop for cleaning. You can leave the room for 10 minutes, and then come back and understand in a minute what exactly was missed. In addition, the only way you can take a break from the endless antics of Kevin Hart. The more you watch a movie, the less you will like it.

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