“Children appear when a husband and wife eat seeds together”: Lifehacker readers remember what ridiculous things they believed in as a child

” Let me know ” is a rubric for our readers’ stories. Every week we launch a survey and look forward to your comments. This time we were wondering what strange things you believed in as a child. We received many cute, funny and even sad answers. Here are the most interesting ones.

When I heard the phrase “Bread ripens in the fields”, I thought that this is literally true. There was such bread – “Pletyonka”. Outwardly very similar to an ear of wheat.

When I saw fields with wheat as a child, I thought that the ears were just “Twinets” that should ripen and increase in size. And then trucks with the inscription “Bread” come for them and take them to the store. I thought that it works for all types of bread and somewhere there are fields with ordinary loaves and Darnitsky, I just didn’t see them.

Until elementary school, I sincerely believed that if you lie on your stomach and hear the beating of your heart, it means only one thing: you crushed it with your weight, and soon it will stop. Naturally, I no longer believe in this, but I still cannot sleep if I hear how the heart beats.

Maria Kulishkova

Before, it seemed to me that in fact the days of the week do not repeat and they all have different names. Then, at some point, the most reasonable names were selected, and they lined up in the current order of the days of the week.

I have often been told that children are born when a husband and wife eat seeds together. From pumpkin are born “fair”, from sunflower – brunettes. My ideas were shaken only in my school years due to yard giggles and whispers, and finally shattered in anatomy lessons in high school.

As a child, we thought that stepping on a manhole cover was bad luck. Once I specifically stood on it to show that it was all lies. And then on the same day he fell into a puddle and everyone said: “You see!”

Evgenia Tenenbaum

I was told as a child that if you leave unwashed dishes in the sink at night, the weather will be bad the next day. And in the summer before going to bed, like a pretty girl, I washed all the dishes so that the next day I could go to the beach.

As a child, I thought that all adults were smart. This is how my mother raised me, she said that elders should be obeyed and respected. The first disappointment happened in the fourth grade. We did not live well, and my mother worked part-time at school: she cleaned, washed the floors in the evenings. I came to help her.

Once a teacher of Russian language and literature saw me and praised me for it. The next day in class, she gave me an assignment to write an essay about what we would like to be when we grow up. And this teacher affectionately and with a smile announced to the whole class that I did not need to write anything, since I had already chosen and would be a cleaner. It hurt so much! I ran home and cried a lot. That’s when my mother explained to me that not all adults are smart. And it is true!

I believed that there was a moon tan. I sunbathed for a week under the moon, because I burned in the sun.

Olga Makarova

I was six years old and my sister was 11 when we were visiting my grandmother in the village. She sent us to collect Colorado beetle larvae in a potato field.

In the evening of the same day, my grandmother was making jam on the stove. When I asked what the jam was made of, my grandmother answered that it was made from larvae. She said: “It’s not for nothing that you collected them.” I say: “How is it? Here are the berries floating. “And the larvae are added to the berries for sourness,” my grandmother answered me. In general, the jam from the larvae was delicious, which I happily told everyone about up to 25 years old, until my sister confessed to me that she and her grandmother were joking with me like that.

As a child, someone told me that Pekingese dogs have such bulging eyes because they fall out all the time and can even roll under the sofa. And back, the owners must insert them with a spoon. I believed it for too long, too…

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