Let me know: if you had a time machine, which era would you travel to and why?

” Let me know ” is a rubric for our readers’ stories. Every week we run a survey and look forward to your comments. The most interesting of them end up in articles and collections.

Recently, in the editorial office, we recalled our favorite films and series about time travel. The cult film “Back to the Future”, the second part of “Terminator”, the confusing “Darkness”, the terribly romantic “The Time Traveler’s Wife” and dozens of other options. All these stories are not similar to each other, but you want to follow each one without stopping. Why? Probably, the fact is that each of us would like to be in the place of the main characters in order to get into another era.

Let’s pretend it happened! At your disposal is the cherished DeLorean or the flywheel of time from Harry Potter. You do not need to save someone from Dementors or other misfortunes. Where would you go then? Would you like to visit ancient Egypt to find out who actually built the pyramids? Would you find yourself in the harsh Middle Ages? Or would you peep what awaits humanity in the distant future? Share your fantasies!

What era would you travel to in a time machine?

Why did you choose this particular time? Why does it attract you? What would you do first? Would you like to stay in this time for a long time?

Thanks for your reply!

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