The neural network drew posters of cult films. Chose the 15 coolest

Melbourne-based artist under the pseudonym Vincenzi launched the creative project Robomojo. On his website, he publishes posters of cult films created using DALL-E 2 and Midjourney neural networks.

Vincenzi starts by simply giving the AI the name of the blockbuster, and then, if the picture is too abstract, he fills in the data with a movie idea. Ready-made images, completely generated by neural networks, are improved by the author and turned into a poster by adding the necessary text (title, director, actors, etc.).

The results are sometimes surprising. Some names of neural networks are taken literally, while others seem to be given some kind of secret meaning. Here are 15 striking examples.

1. “Spider-Man”

Looks logical.

Image: Robomojo

2. “Transformers”

Optimus Prime is gone.

Image: Robomojo

3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It seems that the AI did not master the word Ninja, but took into account the rest of the words.

Image: Robomojo

4. Star Wars

When neural networks told about their son.

Image: Robomojo

5. Braveheart

It turned out the analysis into parts: courage and heart.

Image: Robomojo

6. The Dark Knight


Image: Robomojo

7. “The Seventh Seal”

Seal, seal – what’s the difference, both words are translated as “seal”.

Image: Robomojo

8. “Godzilla”

And this is very subtle – God zilla.

Image: Robomojo

9. “Avatar”

Looks like Jin, but also drives a car.

Image: Robomojo

10 Jurassic Park

Car park?

Image: Robomojo

11. Crocodile Dundee

Facial resemblance.

Image: Robomojo

12. “Free Willy”

… from the office.

Image: Robomojo

13. “Cats”

Well, in general, the schedule was about the same.

14. Beetlejuice

Beetle and juice – everything is logical (for a neural network).

Image: Robomojo

15. Fast & Furious 6

Very familial.

Image: Robomojo

More neural network movie posters are on the Robomojo website .

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