“I Am Groot” is a beautiful but short series about the smallest Marvel hero

On August 10, Disney+ released one of the most unusual premieres of this year – a series about baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. It turned out bright and impressive, only the timing is embarrassing – less than 20 minutes for the entire season.

The author of the project was Kirsten Lepore. The peak of her commercial career is the series for Adventure Time, but it is unlikely that the viewer pays attention to the authors of each particular episode. Throughout the past decade, Lepore has collected numerous awards at international festivals for short animated films . Now she was entrusted with the series about Groot. And she perfectly disposed of the chance to make herself known to a large audience.

There are only five episodes in the first season, but Groot will have time to fight with a small tree, fight with strange tiny creatures and dance with his doppelgänger . Events begin approximately between the first and second parts of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” – in the first episode of the series, baby Groot is only growing in a pot.


I Am Groot can be seen as the perfect animated work. Bright colors, unusual movements, a constant kaleidoscope of frames – even if the series lasted longer, what was happening would not bother.

Frame from the series “I am Groot”

All characters are flexible and colorful, and also very different from each other, including gestures. Groot, coming to the fore, makes you look only at yourself, but an impressive spectacle unfolds behind him. The attention to detail is at an incredible level – the background is always lively and interesting.


Even though Groot has appeared in several Marvel movies, the character remains fresh. He could not get bored, there is too little of him. Therefore, you can shoot anything with it.

A small tree moves to different planets and finds new entertainment everywhere. Absolutely every scene contains interesting finds. Groot grows hair (leaves) with mud, wears a fitness bracelet on his head as a flashlight, blows up half of the spaceship (for drawing). If he gets bored, he takes a Jacuzzi in a puddle.

old school

Although the series looks as fresh as possible, it allows itself to be old-school. It is more like ” Tom and Jerry ” than any modern cartoon. For example, in “I am Groot” there is a classic “cartoon violence” – the main character can fight with strange creatures and even hurt them. Adds back-schooling and an almost complete lack of dialogue, since it’s hard to build with a character who constantly says the phrase “I am Groot.” There are no cross-cutting plots, each series is independent.

Frame from the series “I am Groot”

Yes, Groot is in the Marvel Universe, but he does not have to constantly come into contact with it – only for a minute, Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy joins him.


You can watch all episodes without credits in less than 20 minutes. By the fifth episode, it becomes very sad that the series is about to end. And I want to bombard Disney + mail with threats in the style of “give me more, or else …”.

Life hack: you can double the time by simply watching the series again. In principle, you can triple it – you will get bored by about the fourth time.

Frame from the series “I am Groot”

“I Am Groot” shows what happens when a small and seemingly limited character falls into the hands of a master. Kirsten Lepore has done everything to ensure that one of the most insignificant Marvel heroes has an expanded fan club. Now it remains to wait for Groot’s big solo project – perhaps in film format. The character turned out to be so bright and self-sufficient that he does not need other heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – he is fascinating without them. Especially with this animation. This is also evidenced by the reviews of the audience.

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