The App Store now has a replacement for the Sbera app, which was removed due to sanctions

The SBOL app has been released in the App Store app store, allowing you to conduct transactions in Sberbank. Functionally, this is a complete analogue of the Sberbank Online service.

RBC writes that you can enter SBOL using the Sberbank card number. And if the user specifies the card number of another bank, the application will redirect to the online bank of another credit institution.

The representative of Sberbank specified that the application is safe and reliable:

Sberbank recommends using the Open IT Solutions application to customers who own Apple devices that do not yet have the Sberbank Online application installed. Our most requested banking services are now available to users of the application, it is secure and available for download in the AppStore.

Sberbank representative for RBC

Those who previously had Sberbank Online installed do not need to uninstall it, the application is working normally, Sberbank added.

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