Lifehacker podcast: 6 reasons to teach your child to code

Together with the ” MSP School of Programmers ” we tell you why it is better to teach schoolchildren to code from an early age.

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Programming is not only practical skills. The code develops logic, creative thinking and the ability to work in a team. And it also helps to navigate well in modern professions. You can acquaint your child with development at the “ MSP Programming School ”. The curriculum lasts from 2 to 6 years, and groups are accepted from the third grade. Here the student will understand the basics of programming and algorithmization, improve mathematics, learn how to work with computer networks and get all the skills necessary for development in IT. And on special courses, you can delve into current technologies, such as machine learning or blockchain.

Education at the ” School of Programmers MSHP ” takes place on the basis of its own educational platform “Informatics”. Students who successfully complete the program receive a certificate. Now the enrollment of students in grades 5-10 in the online department of the School is open for the entire academic year. Classes will start in the fall. Register on the School website and you will receive a 15% discount for the first month of study using the life15 promo code. It must be applied in a personal account.

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