Astronomers have found a potentially habitable planet completely covered in water

An international team of scientists led by researchers from the University of Montreal announced the discovery of the exoplanet TOI-1452 b, which orbits the binary star TOI-1452 in the constellation Draco. Judging by the data obtained with the TESS space telescope, its entire surface is covered with water, accounting for 22-30% of the total mass.

For comparison: the World Ocean occupies 70% of the surface of our planet, but only 1% of its mass. According to scientists, TOI-1452 b is about 70% larger and almost five times heavier than Earth. At the same time, the relief of the exoplanet is also rocky.

TOI-1452 b found itself in a very advantageous position – in the so-called habitable zone: not too close and not too far from its star. It is thanks to this that the water on it retains a liquid state of aggregation.

The exoplanet revolves around the binary star TOI-1452, going through a full annual cycle in 11.1 days. The distance between its luminaries is 97 astronomical units, which is about 2.5 times the distance between the Sun and Pluto. It is about 100 light years away from Earth.

Astronomers believe that this find would be an ideal candidate for observations from the James Webb telescope. First, TOI-1452 is one of the few planets with a temperate climate and ocean system. Secondly, it is located relatively close to the Earth, so that researchers have enough opportunities to study its atmosphere in detail.

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