New optical illusion baffled netizens

A post recently appeared on Reddit with an unusual optical illusion, which caused heated discussion and even anger among the users of the site. Some of them were never able to see what is hidden in the image.

The caption for the picture reads:

Look carefully. There are actually 16 circles in this image. And once you see them, that picture will change forever.

Image: Dolchang / Reddit

Those users who saw these 16 circles tried to explain to others what the catch is. So, one of them wrote: “The circles have vertical stripes, the background has horizontal stripes. What appears to be a rectangle are just the background lines visible between the circles.

Another user in the comments advised me to just look at the picture still and shake my head – then the circles will appear. And this method really can work.

Did you immediately see the circles? Write in the comments.

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