🔥The Burning Hut website got a new design

The Burning Hut , Lifehacker’s sister publication, has a cool new design. Here’s what’s changed.

A double rubricator has appeared: the topics of earning, love, health and entertainment familiar to readers remain in the top line, and now an additional menu with the most popular materials on the “Best” tab, as well as news, tests, trends and more, is below.

Convenient widgets with fresh comments in articles have appeared on the main page of the site, so that readers are always aware of where the heated debate is today. Also, a comment icon appeared under the title of the article, which will allow you to quickly jump to the discussion immediately from the main one.

The content feed has also changed – it has become more diverse and lighter, and the number of articles per page has increased. Now the main page can be flipped almost endlessly.

There are also quite a few changes in the color palette: the site retained the already familiar gradients and brutal strokes, but received an active black fill on the main page, constant background colors for each heading, and less flashy links in articles. The designers also adjusted the styles of text, quotes, tables and other elements so that they harmonize better with each other.

Check out the new look of the Burning Hut →

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