Climatologists have shown a map where it will be most dangerous on Earth by 2100

A study by employees of the Washington and Harvard Universities showed likely scenarios for the development of the world climate by the end of this century. The resulting projections differ depending on future greenhouse gas emissions.

The authors of the work note that the heat that has been established in the United States, Europe, China and Japan this summer will be repeated up to three to ten times more often by 2100. And regions close to the equator will become practically unsuitable for outdoor work for most of the year.

On the map: a) zones with a heat index above 39.4°C; bg) projections up to 2050 and 2100. The darker, the longer the dangerous period lasts. Image: Communications Earth & Environment

To calculate the effect of heat on the human body, scientists have derived a heat index: it consists of a combination of temperature and humidity. According to the US National Weather Service, a dangerous heat index is 39.4°C, while an extremely dangerous one is from 51°C. Climatologists say that earlier these coefficients were necessary for work in such rooms as boiler rooms, but global warming literally brings these indicators to the surface.

On the map: a) areas with a heat index above 51°C; bg) projections up to 2050 and 2100. Image: Communications Earth & Environment

Scientists warn that if humanity does not slow down the rate of air pollution, then by the end of the century, the inhabitants of India and a number of African countries simply will not be able to go out without exposing themselves to a mortal threat. For now, climatologists hope that people will be able to stick to the plans adopted during the signing of the Paris Agreement in order to maintain a healthy climate on Earth.

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