How to deal with smartphone addiction? We discuss in the podcast "Who would say"

In each episode of the new season of the Who Would Talk podcast, the hosts read real stories and questions from listeners about what worries them, and discuss with experts how to overcome difficulties and get out of the current situation. If something is bothering you, you don’t know what to do, and you can’t cope with the problem on your own, send your stories to the Lifehacker podcast Telegram bot – we will look for a solution together.

01:20 – the presenters read out a letter from the listener and share their personal attitude to the topic of the release.

10:42 – how to understand that you have an unhealthy craving for a smartphone, and whether there is a clinical diagnosis or symptoms that you can focus on.

16:11 – nomophobia – fear of being left without a mobile phone or far from it. Is it worth worrying if you notice this condition in yourself.

22:14 – will a complete digital detox help a smartphone-addicted person, that is, disconnecting from the “matrix” and returning to the real world.

30:50 – what to do if the smartphone interferes with live communication. Psychologist Elena Kotova proposes to arrange an unusual game – “survival gatherings”.

36:58 – should the use of gadgets and the Internet be limited in the case of children.

The issue mentions a social network owned by Meta Platforms Inc., Instagram. Its activities, as well as those of Meta Platforms Inc. banned on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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