How to replace Uniqlo: 5 Russian brands

Last time we figured out which domestic brands could replace the Swedish brand H&M . This time, at the request of readers, they figured out how to replace Uniqlo, because it is not known when it will open in Russia again. We chose the qualities for which we fell in love with the Japanese brand: modern materials, comfort combined with beauty, good base. Prices, unfortunately, are a bit more biting.

Oh May.

T-shirt Oh May.

T-shirt, 1 490 rubles

than to replace uniqlo: Oh, May.

Suit, 4 990 rubles

body Oh May.

Body, 1 999 rubles

Where to buy: Oh my

What will definitely miss Uniqlo is because of the abundance of basic clothing. Plain t-shirts, tops and socks wear out quickly. Here, “Oh, May” is ready to come to the rescue. His catalog contains only basic cotton items. You can buy them separately or in sets (it will come out even cheaper). And the brand also has a subscription to Nadezhda clothing: for 1999 rubles, a parcel with shorts, socks, and T-shirts is delivered monthly. What exactly will be in the box is unknown. And sometimes there will be an additional surprise.

Urban Tiger

how to replace uniqlo: Urban Tiger

Long sleeve, 4 900 rubles

Urban Tiger dress

Dress, 4,400 rubles

how to replace uniqlo: Urban Tiger

Long sleeve, 4 900 rubles

Where to buy: Urban Tiger , Ozon , Wildberries , Lamoda

Uniqlo is famous for its developments in the textile industry. The Russian brand Urban Tiger is also trying to use advanced materials that improve the quality of things and at the same time do less harm to the environment. Some collections are made from recycled plastics, undyed fabrics and materials that protect the body well from the weather. The main style of clothing is Smart Sport. From Urban Tiger you can buy sweatshirts, trousers, parkas and other practical casual clothes. There is a section with jackets and down jackets, as well as some accessories: bags, socks, caps.

Aim Clo

how to replace uniqlo: Aim Clo

Dress, 4 650 rubles

Aim Clo trousers

Pants, 6 450 rubles

how to replace uniqlo: Aim Clo

Sweater, 3 450 rubles

Where to buy: Aim Clo , Ozon

A small brand from Novosibirsk is ready to supply laconic clothes in a classic style. He has his own factory, where they combine manual work and technology. All things are trying to create so that they can be worn for many years. The brand focuses on timeless fashion, although sometimes there are small themed collections. The highlight of Aim Clo is merino blend sweaters and cardigans. Also in the catalog there are basic dresses, classic trousers and shirts. Things are sent along with care instructions in a fabric bag.


sword shirt

Shirt, 5,200 rubles

how to replace uniqlo: Sword

Pants, 5 200 rubles

hoodie Sword

Hoodie, 6 500 rubles

Where to buy: Sword

Simple, minimalist pieces that both men and women can comfortably wear are another star in Uniqlo’s long list of virtues. The Russian urban clothing brand Sword also sews unisex clothes: hoodies, anoraks, shirts, T-shirts, jeans. In a word, something in which you can walk for weeks and enjoy comfort. And here you can find both monochrome clothes and things of bright colors with intricate patterns. All items of the brand are sewn in Russia. In St. Petersburg – outerwear, in Moscow – knitwear.


how to replace uniqlo: SHU

Skirt, 3,590 rubles

jacket SHU

Jacket, 5 390 rubles

how to replace uniqlo: SHU

Pants, 5 990 rubles

Where to buy: SHU , Lamoda

The founder of the brand, Andrey Kravtsov, started his business with a hundred hand-sewn raincoats. Now the brand has its own factory. SHU produces simple and versatile clothing made from durable materials. Cotton and denim base. For outerwear, membrane fabrics and eco-friendly DuPont™ Sorona® insulation are used as an alternative to natural down. Things from SHU promise to serve for years. From outerwear there are both winter jackets and demi-season raincoats (and raincoats, of course). In addition to clothes, the catalog includes bags, hats, socks, underwear and even a small collection of shoes.

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