Without paganism and nature, but with boring dialogues. The last season of "See" was worse than the previous ones

On August 26, the first episode of the final, third season of the series “See” was released on Apple TV+. Peaky Blinders writer Steven Knight, director of Lock and The Hummingbird Effect, remains its showrunner.

In the first season, “See” showed the world of the future, in which all people are blind, and flirted with paganism and wildlife. The tribes living in the forests passed on legends about witches who could see: to be sighted means to be a magician. It was superficial and damp, but at least beautiful.

In the second season, there were disputes for power, “unexpected” betrayals and a dull Baba Voss, about whom everyone began to wipe their feet. A couple of “important” heroes died, everyone managed to change sides several times, and also meet a couple of thousand sighted people. Perhaps, here “See” became too difficult to watch: the series abandoned the mythology and prophecies that adorned the first season.

In the third season, Baba Voss returns to the big political games after her seclusion, his children come up with new plans, and the forests give way to cities.

Apple TV+ has generously funded the project from the start, providing around $15 million for each episode of the first season. It’s unlikely that the cost of production has dropped by the third season, but the holes in the script cannot be filled with money.

Huge gap in the script

The series didn’t start well and didn’t continue well. In the first season, the viewer saw a post-apocalyptic world in which only blind people live. The birth of sighted twins was presented as a mystical event – like the birth of telepaths. In the second season, it suddenly became clear that there are a lot of sighted people in the universe of the series, and some of them do not affect the plot at all – their value is so small.

Shot from the series “See”

In the third season, sighted people are no longer a rarity, on the contrary, they are a significant part of the world . There are two options. The first is that there have always been many sighted people in the world of the series, and the second is that many blind people began to see in a couple of seasons. Both look stupid because they destroy the idea that the first season was based on. At the same time, the scriptwriters refuse to explain the reasons and the course of the changes – a large number of sighted people appear as if it were normal.

This moment may not be very striking if you watch the project as new episodes are released. If you decide to watch several seasons in a row, then the issue of sighted people becomes a huge problem.

Terrible battles with a claim to epic

The third season should be the end of the story, and the end on a grand scale. Naturally, there were some battles , but they look disgusting. Enemies mindlessly run forward, good heroes defend themselves cleverly with tactical movements and acrobatic stunts. As in the early seasons, there’s always a sense that the good characters are a little less blind.

In addition, all enemies look and move the same way. And the endless attack of the clones is presented as a dangerous battle.

An attempt to make the battle on a large scale also fails: after a couple of scenes with a bunch of people, episodes begin in which 10 people fight. The writers just can’t draw the battle in such a way that it feels like a big one.

Boring political intrigue

During the first two seasons, the characters changed sides several times, the same thing happens in the third. This is quite normal at the level of the idea, but every transition to the side of good or evil is not motivated due to the emptiness of the characters. In fact, they do not want anything, they do not need anything. “Fight for these? OK. But I quarreled with one person, I will go to fight for others. To be honest, I don’t like them, but why sit still?

Pale protagonist

Shot from the series “See”

Baba Voss, played by Jason Momoa, was a tough guy in the first season, breaking bones, trees, and rocks. In the second, he turned into a man with a midlife crisis, suffering from betrayals and his own impotence. In the third, he kind of returns to himself as a model of the beginning of the series, but the world around him is already completely different – old friends have become enemies and vice versa. His physical strength ceases to play a big role, because there are a lot of sighted people around who can beat him thanks to their eyesight. Baba Voss is no longer a big man who subjugates nature – this is a boring version of John Wick, who is ready to take revenge on the whole world.

Interestingly, the more the series takes place in cities and the farther the characters go from the forests, the harder it is to watch “See”. It seems that apart from nature in the series there was nothing good. In the third season, it became criminally small.

Pointless storylines

By the third season, “See” had created so many storylines that the show could have been shown for another 10 years.

10-15 minutes from the episode are allocated for the main plot, the rest of the time is occupied by some minor problems. Because of this, the series is slowing down. In the third season there are episodes for which almost nothing happens.

Shot from the series “See”

Complex political intrigues allow the introduction of new heroes, but you should not pay attention to them – they are boring characters who fulfill their technical role and disappear.

Silly dialogues

As in the second season, once every 20 minutes the characters start long conversations. Approximately like this:
Is betraying bad?
– Oh, I think so, but life is such a complicated thing, and in general, it’s difficult …
Yes, life is hard…
– Yes Yes….
A candle is burning, the wind is blowing outside the window.
“Do you remember how you stepped on your neighbor’s foot a season and a half ago?”
You don’t understand anything, you’re too young!
– You only think about yourself! Hate you!

One of the heroes hurriedly leaves the room, the remaining one sits with a sad face for about a minute.

It looks the most comical.

Shot from the series “See”

Occasionally, the characters remember some kind of prophecy , but more often they think about who betrayed whom. And they get angry. “See” is a series about ultra-evil people who do nasty things to each other as if for no reason. This is not a Game of Thrones where the characters are driven by ambition and madness. “See” is a series about office workers who are discussing a colleague’s dirty shoes near the cooler.

Uninteresting ending

If you liked the first season, and after that you swallowed the second one without any problems, then watch the third one as well – there are no fundamental changes. If you have become bored in the course of past seasons, you can ignore the last one. All the old problems got worse.

The end of the series was as inglorious as its beginning. The cost of the scenery has risen, the number of characters has tripled, but “See” has remained a raw, ill-conceived and comical project that claims to be serious. But what beautiful forests were in the first season!

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