How long should a dog not swim after flea and tick treatment?

For the treatment of dogs from fleas and ticks, tablets, collars and other means are used. Many dog owners prefer drops that protect the pet for about a month. But it’s important not to let them slip away.

Why should a dog not be bathed immediately after treatment?

There are at least two major reasons.

Decreased effectiveness of the drug

The drug is applied to the withers, and then it should get on the skin and be absorbed. Manufacturers of drops from fleas and ticks assure that if the pet is in the rain immediately after application, then it is unlikely that the product will be washed off completely. But its effectiveness is likely to decrease if the dog swims or you wash it. It may then be necessary to apply the drops again. True, in this case it is better to consult a veterinarian , because an overdose is also dangerous.

The environment suffers

To protect dogs from ticks and insects, insectoacaricides are often used – poisons based on fipronil, imidacloprid and permethrin. When ecologists examined water bodies for pollution, they found that many of them were poisoned with these substances. It turned out that bathing dogs “infect” the water.

It seems that the size of animals is incomparable with the volume of a river or lake, but these poisons are so potent that even in small quantities they can harm nature.

Dave Goulson

Professor of Biology at the University of Sussex.

The amount of imidacloprid needed to treat a medium sized dog is enough to kill 60 million bees.

Fipronil, imidacloprid and permethrin are harmful to small invertebrates such as crustaceans and insects and amphibians such as tadpoles. And any change in the ecosystem of the reservoir harms the environment: if there are no daphnia, then there will be no fish that eat them, and so on.

How long can a dog not swim after treatment

The dog should definitely not be wetted until the drug is completely dry. Manufacturers recommend waiting longer : about 24 hours before allowing your pet to swim in the pond, and 48 hours before washing with shampoo. And if you are worried about nature, then it is better to postpone bathing for an even longer period.

Irina Gribanenkova

Consultant in the intergovernmental organization for water resources management Global Water Partnership.

Scientists don’t have enough data to formally recommend how long to wait before bathing. More research is needed on this subject to be certain. But the more you take a break, the better for nature.

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