How to choose materials for building a house (in the article – a raffle!)

In this video, Andrey Shaiter will tell you where to look for various building materials and what features are important to consider when choosing.

1. Basis for the foundation

  • The strip foundation allows you to build a building with a basement. Clay solid bricks, coarse aggregate concrete or rebar can be used for it. You can immediately purchase ready-made concrete or make the composition yourself. To do this, you need sand, cement, water and filler like crushed stone, pebbles and gravel.
  • The slab foundation is suitable for houses of complex construction above two floors, even on soft soils. Here you need a reinforced concrete slab with a height of 30 cm to 1 meter and reinforcement with a diameter of 12–25 mm for reinforcement.
  • The pile foundation is based on strong supports. Piles are installed in drilled holes and poured with concrete or driven into the ground with special machines. The pile-screw foundation is only suitable for light structures, such as frame houses or log cabins.
  • The columnar foundation also consists of supporting pillars that transfer the load of the building to the ground. But it is only suitable for light buildings: one-story summer houses, sheds or garages. The pillars are made of monolithic reinforced concrete, full-bodied ceramic bricks, rubble concrete or wood of non-decaying varieties, like larch. In the future, you will need to take care of leveling the floor in the house.

2. Materials for walls and partitions

Solid bricks are good for building walls, load-bearing columns and pillars, hollow bricks are good for partitions. Walls can also be made from building blocks . The most popular option is cellular blocks (foam concrete and aerated concrete). Depending on the thickness, they are suitable for the construction of external and internal capital walls, as well as partitions. For the latter, tongue-and- groove plates or gypsum-fiber sheets can be used. Frame houses can be made of cement particle board . Wooden walls are usually made from logs, planed lumber and profiled glued lumber. They are made from pine, fir, spruce or larch.

For a comfortable indoor climate during the construction of walls, it is important to use insulating materials: heat, steam, hydro and sound insulation. During subsequent interior work, a primer, plaster, putty, paint and other finishing materials will be required. And for external wall cladding, facade panels, decorative stone or siding are suitable.

3. Type of roof

Roofing materials can be metal, flexible or sheet.

  • Metal roofing is, for example, metal tile or corrugated board. The metal tile looks like natural, durable, fireproof, but can be quite noisy during rain. Decking is a simple profiled sheet, factory painted or coated with a polyester sheath. It is easy to pick up under any facade.
  • Flexible roofing materials are represented by flexible and rolled tiles, as well as roofing material. Flexible tiles are fireproof, silent and, depending on the layering and pattern, can imitate different coatings. Rolled – a more budgetary version of flexible tiles, it is used only for temporary coverage of outbuildings. Roofing material is inferior to other materials in terms of aesthetics, but quickly fits and costs less.
  • Sheet material – slate. This is a traditional solution in suburban construction. It is durable, but not safe in case of fire, because it contains asbestos. It is better to look at wavy bitumen sheets – they are safer.

To build a roof, you will need not only roofing, but various insulating materials.

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