How to cut currants

Why cut currants

Due to the large number of shoots, the bushes thicken, are poorly lit and suffer from nutrient deficiencies. As a result, the berries are small, and indeed there are few of them. In addition, currants that are too thick are poorly ventilated and become an ideal home for diseases and pests.

To avoid such problems, you need to regularly carry out formative pruning of bushes. Do not forget about the sanitary, during which dry, frozen, cracked, broken and diseased branches are removed. This is also important for a good harvest.

When to prune currants

The best time is spring and autumn. At the beginning of the season, it is important to be in time before the buds begin to swell on the branches. When the plant comes out of hibernation and the juice begins to move in the stems, it will spend more energy on restoration and healing of wounds. At the same time, in the spring, experienced gardeners are limited only to sanitary pruning.

It is better to transfer the shaping haircut to the fall. You can start it when the leaves fall from the currant. But you need to have time to finish the work 2-3 weeks before the onset of frost, so that the plants have time to recover by winter. At the same time, sanitary pruning is also carried out, if necessary.

How to determine the age of shoots

One year run. Frame: Altflora / YouTube

Annuals have the lightest bark, they grow in straight sticks without branches directly from the ground or on other, older branches.

Two year run. Frame: Altflora / YouTube

Biennial stems have darker bark and have several offshoots from annual shoots.

Three year run. Frame: Altflora / YouTube

The bark of three-year-old shoots is even darker and harder. They have many branches.

Four year run. Frame: Altflora / YouTube

Four-year-old shoots have rough and almost black bark, which can peel off in some places. They are thick, powerful and have many branches from two- and three-year-old shoots.

Shoots older than four years are the thickest. Their bark is covered with cracks and outgrowths of dry moss.

How to prune blackcurrant

The procedure is carried out in two stages. Be sure to sharpen your pruner so that you can make straight cuts without creases.

Do a sanitation pruning

It is more convenient to move from the edge of the bush to the middle. Without regret, cut off all dry, diseased, broken shoots under the root. At this stage, you also need to completely remove all branches older than four years. They will only take strength from the currant and give a very weak harvest.

Perform a shaping pruning

Frame: Altflora / YouTube

First you need to cut off all shoots older than three years at the root.

For the normal development and fruiting of currants, the bush must consist of 6 annual, 6 two-year and 6 three-year-old shoots. Therefore, cut out everything superfluous, leaving only the strongest and healthiest stems.

But do not rush to delete everything in a row. Move gradually: start by trimming three-year-olds and gradually move on to younger ones.

Frame: Altflora / YouTube

After that, shorten all the tops of annual shoots by a third. As a rule, the smallest berries grow on them. In addition, such a pinch will wake up the buds, from which new branches will grow.

How to prune red currants

The procedure will be slightly different from cutting bushes with black berries.

Do a sanitation pruning

Remove all dry, frozen, broken and diseased branches. You need to cut them to the very root.

Frame: I work in the garden with love / YouTube

In addition, remove all shoots older than three years – they only thicken the bush and do not please with a rich harvest.

Perform a shaping pruning

First of all, remove all branches that grow almost parallel to the ground or even lie on the bed. Berries on them can rot and become an additional source of disease. And then on the bush of red currant you need to leave 4-6 shoots of each age – one-year-old, two-year-old and three-year-old. Keep stronger specimens by cutting off those that thicken currants at the root.

Frame: I work in the garden with love / YouTube

It is also necessary to cut off the branches that grow inside the bush.

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