Get your skis ready for the summer. 7 winter resorts in Russia, where you should plan your vacation in advance

1. Sheregesh

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  • How to get there: from Novosibirsk, Kemerovo or Novokuznetsk by bus to Tashgatol with a transfer to Sheregesh.
  • Best time to go: mid-November to late May.
  • How many tracks: 15.

Sheregesh is the largest ski resort in Siberia. It receives over a million tourists every year. It is very comfortable to conquer the slopes on skis or a board, because the slopes are covered with “powder” – soft, porous snow that does not harden and almost does not collapse.

The total length of the tracks in Geshe is more than 35 thousand meters. There are also easy ones that fans of calm skiing will appreciate, and quite difficult ones – for self-confident athletes. Prefer free descent? There are also trails for adventurers here. The resort even organizes separate freeride tours.

The season opens with the Yeti holiday. The mythical Bigfoot is a kind of Gesha symbol. The New Year and Maslenitsa are celebrated on a grand scale, and in April they hold a big music fest. So if you manage to plan a vacation during such events, you definitely won’t be bored. And in Sheregesh there are many locations where you can take a breath after the races: baths, saunas, health centers, attractions and snow parks.

2. Funpark “Beaver Log”

  • How to get there: from the railway station of Krasnoyarsk by city bus to the stop “Funpark Bobrovy Log”.
  • Best time to go: Any time of the year.
  • How many tracks: 15 and 2 training slopes.

The resort is remarkable not only for tracks of different difficulty levels. In winter, you can ride on the Rodelbahn attraction. This is a roller coaster, where instead of standard trailers there are small bobsleigh sleighs. Rodelban works at a temperature of -15 degrees, so it will be great to warm up with Siberian tea later. Looking for something less extreme? Take an air sled and try snow tubing. This is a hundred-meter slide for the whole family to ride.

If you are planning to visit Krasnoyarsk before the start of winter, you will have time to ride the Ziprider attraction. This is a cable car, on which passengers fly over the slope at speeds up to 90 km/h. By the way, the summer season ends with the competition “Gornoluzhnik” – skiing on the water slopes. The funnier the participant’s costume and swimwear, the more chances he has to win. And the jury evaluates the descent. They flew like a swallow over the entire hill – consider the prize in your hands.

3. Mount Sobolinaya

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  • How to get there: from Irkutsk by fixed-route taxi or electric train, and from Ulan-Ude by fixed-route taxi to Baikalsk or the Naushki-Irkutsk train.
  • Best time to go: November to April.
  • How many tracks: 18.

As in Baikalsk, near which the resort is located, the temperature here rarely drops below 15 degrees, so the extreme frost does not interfere with conquering the slopes. By the way, it’s also cool here in spring, but this doesn’t scare tourists: every season on Sobolina ends with the annual flash mob “Descent in swimsuits”.

If you want to diversify your outdoor activities, go to the pool or hold a team basketball match in the game room. And for those who need to lie down calmly after the descent, there is a spa center on the territory of the resort.

If you are tired of riding, visit the Baikal Biosphere Reserve. You will be able to see with your own eyes sables, minks, lynxes and deer, which calmly walk throughout the territory. And here the lift works all year round, so people come to enjoy the views of the mountains even in summer.

4. Big Woodyavr

  • How to get there: from the airport “Khibiny” by taxi or bus to Kirovsk, then by bus to the complex.
  • Best time to go: December to May.
  • How many slopes: 24 and training slope.

“Vudyavr” is translated from the language of the indigenous Sami people as “lake”. There are two of them. Small is located near another ski resort – “Kukisvumchorr”. But a large one is very close to this resort. Hence the name.

Most of the slopes here are “blue” – that is, they are designed for beginners. But there are also a couple of “red” and “black” ones. And there is also a training slope for those who are just trying their hand at skiing.

Tired of skiing – relax by the lake. If you are lucky enough to be here in December or January, there is a chance to see the northern lights. By the way, the weather in this region is changeable. The minimum temperature on the slopes is usually not lower than -17 degrees, but snowfalls and blizzards can interfere with sports plans. In such cases, it is convenient to track the work of the tracks through the resort’s mobile application.

5. Dombay

Image: ppl/Shutterstock
  • How to get there: from Mineralnye Vody to Cherkessk, Karachaevsk or Teberda, then by bus or taxi to the village of Dombay.
  • Best time to go: Any time of the year.
  • How many tracks: 12.

This resort has been operating since the 20th century. Once upon a time, it attracted fans of extreme sports with its inaccessibility – people came here to conquer the mountains. Now Dombay will be of interest to those who are far from the excitement of skiing. Beginners are waiting for gentle and straight tracks, and pros – tracks with steep turns.

Fans of a more relaxing holiday can ride a cable car, walk through the gorges and enjoy the national cuisine of the North Caucasus. Feel free to order pilaf with lamb, hychins, lagman and even mountain trout dishes. And be sure to check out the souvenir market. In addition to the usual plates and magnets, here you can buy herbal teas, honey, cone jam and wine.

6. Grace

  • How to get there: from Barnaul, Gorno-Altaisk or Novosibirsk by bus to Belokurikha.
  • Best time to go: December to mid-March.
  • How many tracks: 6.

Blagodat is the largest ski resort in Belokurikha. There are five of them in the city. There is almost no wind here, so you can ride in comfort even at -20 degrees. Although the season officially starts in December, skiers and snowboarders arrive at the resort as early as mid-November. At this time, the mountains are covered with the first snow.

Never ride? It doesn’t matter, there is a ski school in Blagodati. The coach will teach you how to stand confidently on a board or skis and go down small slopes without fear.

By the way, summer in Belokurikha is also not boring. If you love the wilderness, take a guitar and go to the tent camping by the cable car. If you don’t want to leave civilization, pay attention to the Belokur sanatorium. There are only 28 rooms, so the tourist bustle does not hurt to relax.

7. Gubakha

Image: Parilov / Shutterstock
  • How to get there: from Yekaterinburg by train “Chusovskaya – Kaliynaya PPK” or from Perm by transfer bus or train express directly to the complex.
  • Best time to go: Any time of the year.
  • How many tracks: 17.

The resort is open all year round. In winter, you can ski on one of the 17 slopes, and in summer you can go hiking, take part in a bike tour or kayak. Children will also have something to do: the resort has a club for young skiers.

You can get to the slopes on one of the five lifts. There are also freeride zones here, so extreme people will not get bored. If you don’t like thrills, take a walk through the gorges and mountains in the vicinity or look into the husky kennel.

In April, Gubaha Beach ICE Weekend is held here – a beach-style costume party. Here, as in Sobolinaya Mountain, you can also go down the slope in a bathing suit. And compete for the title of the best pizza eater.

These are far from all the ski resorts in Russia – there are more than two hundred of them, and each is remarkable for its own characteristics. If you have a personal favorite, you can vote for it in the national competition Our Mountains .

The call for votes will start on September 1 and will last until October 15. After that, hundreds of resorts from 85 subjects will compete for victory in 40 nominations. Already on October 30, it will become known where the best slopes, hotels and spa complexes await tourists.

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