Copies of well-known brands began to appear in Russia en masse

Sites masquerading as foreign brands that have left the country have begun to appear more and more often in Russia, says Kommersant. For example, on such portals, visitors are offered to order goods from an IKEA store that is not working in the country or pay for app purchases in the AppStore.

According to Group-IB, the number of fraudulent websites that sell goods under the guise of official retailers has grown by 579% compared to last year. In total, today unscrupulous sellers use more than 2,100 names of world brands: including those from the service sector, telecom and the banking sector. In 2021, there were only 120 such sites. More than half of these sites speculate on fake prize draws on behalf of well-known companies.

Aleksey Gorelkin, CEO of the Fishman cybersecurity company, noted that the most massive case of fraud occurred during the period of paper shortage in the country. Then the number of fake sites increased fivefold.

Despite the fact that the situation with parallel imports is gradually improving, and buyers can independently distinguish legally imported goods from dubious dealers, citizens are still asked not to lose vigilance. And suppliers are advised to establish contacts through reliable marketplaces, and not open new platforms.

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