Pumping: a powerful complex will load well not only the muscles, but also the heart

This workout will work almost all the major muscle groups: hips and buttocks, arms and shoulders, hip flexors and abs.

It is short but very intense. You will spend about 10-15 minutes, and pump your endurance no worse than after a half-hour run or a long walk.

But be careful. If you have poor physical fitness, problems with the cardiovascular system or a lot of excess weight , it is better to look for something simpler and less intense.

How to do the workout

Do the following exercises:

  • 40 alternating dumbbell jerks – 12/15 kg;
  • 30 throws of a stuffed ball – 6/9 kg;
  • 20 lunges with a dumbbell over your head – 12/15 kg;
  • 15 leg raises to the horizontal bar;
  • 10 “devil” presses with a dumbbell – 12/15 kg.

We have indicated the approximate weight for women and men. If you can’t work with such shells while maintaining good technique, it is better to take lighter dumbbells.

The essence of the complex is to stand still as little as possible, ideally to completely eliminate rest between exercises.

And watch your condition. If you feel bad, stop and rest until the discomfort passes. It is better not to finish the complex than to faint in the middle of the hall.

How to do exercises

Prepare all equipment before the start of the complex. Determine where you will be exercising and place a dumbbell of the right weight next to the horizontal bar so that you do not have to go far.

dumbbell snatch

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, place the dumbbell between your feet. Bend over to the projectile with a straight back, grab it with one hand and straighten up in the hip joints with a sharp movement, while sending the dumbbell up.

Lower it back and repeat with the other hand. If you want to go faster, practice grabbing the dumbbell in the air before it touches the floor.

ball throws

Take a medicine ball and stand one step away from the wall facing it. Holding the projectile in bent arms in front of the chest, sit down below the parallel of the hips with the floor, straighten up in one movement and throw the ball up.

If there is a target in your hall, try to hit it, if not, just aim at the wall at a level of 2 meters from the floor.

Keep your pelvis lower than your knees at the bottom, and use your momentum to kick the ball higher.

Try to synchronize the movement with your breath – exhale at the bottom of the squat and at the moment of throwing the ball.

Lunges with a dumbbell

Raise the dumbbell over your head in an outstretched hand and perform lunges in the passage through the hall. Lower yourself carefully so as not to hit your knee on the floor. You can take your free hand to the side to make it easier to maintain balance.

Leg raises to the horizontal bar

Hang on the horizontal bar, bend at the hip joints and raise your legs until your toes touch the crossbar. You can do the swing exercise: first, swing your chest forward, and while lifting your legs, take your shoulders back.

The momentum will take some of the load off your muscles and help you complete the exercises faster. Just treat your hands with magnesia so as not to fly off the horizontal bar .

If you still can’t do this exercise, try raising your knees to your chest.

“Devil” press with a dumbbell

Stand in an emphasis lying with one hand on the dumbbells, bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor. Bend at the hip joints, with a jump, put your feet closer to the upper limbs and straighten up.

Get the dumbbell between your legs for a swing, and then straighten up sharply, sending the projectile up. Extend your arm above your head, then return to the starting position and repeat from the beginning.

You can perform five times with one hand and five with the other, or change them every other time.

Write if you managed to cope with the complex in 10 minutes. If you completed it faster – throw off your time.

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