Study: 1 in 3 photographs of their cats and dogs more than their children

A survey among 2,000 pet owners, organized by OnePoll and initiated by appliance retailer Maytag, showed that 73% of people take photos of pets more than children. And when it comes to spouses or lovers, the situation is even more interesting: in 86% of cases, there will be more pictures of a dog or cat in the phone’s memory. On average, during the year, respondents take 400 photos of their four-legged friend.

Also, almost a third of respondents said that they regularly pamper their animals, a quarter arrange a holiday in their honor, and the same number of people allow their pets to kiss them on the lips.

And this is not all that the owners of four-legged companions are ready for. For example, every sixth participant in the study shared that they got a tattoo with their pet so that he would always be there. More than half of people feel out of place when their pet is not around. As many as 79% of those who took part in the survey took animals with them on vacation at least once.

Oddly enough, pets reciprocate such affection:

  • animals are next to the owner while he is busy in the kitchen (38%);
  • keep company while getting ready for bed (37%);
  • do not leave their owners while playing sports (35%);
  • sleep with people in the same bed (45%).

Also, animal lovers said that life with a pet obliges a person to make compromises. For example, out of love for a four-legged friend, people are ready to:

  • Consider moving options to suit your pet (27%);
  • buy a house only on the condition that there is a yard for the free range of the animal (32%).
  • regularly use laundry services to get rid of excess hair (47%);
  • clean the house at least twice a week (85%).

Most pet owners have to admit that pet hair scattered all over the house is a big problem. Because of this, 57% of respondents do not leave the house without making sure that wool has not stuck to their clothes. It is logical that their life is not complete without cleaning rollers. Usually cat owners and dog owners keep them in their car and in their bag.

The study once again confirms that people are ready to significantly change their lives so that their pet is more comfortable. However, in return they receive the love of a pet, so the effort is fully justified.

If you have pets, how often do you take pictures of them? Tell in the comments!

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