The Yandex ID team has launched a new user account

The developers of “Yandex” finally put things in order in the personal account of users. Now there is a full-fledged search for settings, and all the important information is sorted out.

There are now five main sections on the main page of your Yandex ID personal account:

  • “Data” – contacts, addresses and other information that the user has entrusted to Yandex.
  • “Yandex Pay” – all payment information, including card details, electronic checks and Plus points.
  • “Family” – family account settings and the ability to add loved ones to your subscription.
  • “Security” – information about protecting your account, setting up login methods and managing your profile on other devices.
  • “Subscriptions” – data about subscriptions “Plus”, “Yandex 360” and “Workshop”.

In addition to the five main sections, in your personal account there is a communication channel with the Yandex support service – in case there are any problems in the operation of one of the company’s services.

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