10 books that will make summer last longer

Anna Danilina

Fiction editor of the LitRes group of companies.

1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Autobiographical prose, in which the American writer honestly told how she left a hateful relationship, survived divorce suits, decided to give up everything and go on a year-long journey. Fearless Elizabeth will live, enjoy delicious food and local color, seek inner harmony and peace of mind in sunny Italy, India, Indonesia. The writer will not only learn to understand herself and meet love, but also gain material for a book that will become a bestseller. In 2010, the film adaptation with Julia Roberts added to the popularity of the novel.

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2. “Where the Crawfish Sing” by Delia Owens

It is both an ode to nature and the mysterious story of a murder. Kia Clark has been unsociable since childhood, lives in the swamps of North Carolina, is friends with birds and animals. The neighbors shun her and, when the corpse of a local don Juan is found nearby, they suspect the Swamp Girl. Could Clarke, who loves nature so much, commit a crime ?

Interestingly, Kia owes her character traits to the mother of the writer. It was she who instilled in Delia awe in front of all living things while walking in oak groves – “where the crayfish sing.”

In July, a film of the same name was released abroad. Olivia Newman (Chicago on Fire) directed by Daisy Edgar-Jones (Normal People).

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3. “My family and other animals”, Gerald Durrell

Notes on nature and travel and a family saga. The story is told from the perspective of ten-year-old Jerry, who is destined to become a famous zoologist. The boy is one of the four children of the widow Darrell. One day, tired of foggy London, the family moved to the Greek island of Corfu. Together with Jerry and his mother, 23-year-old writer Larry (the future author of the Alexandria Quartet ), 19-year-old hunter Leslie and 18-year-old beauty Margo went there. The Durrells will live in Greece for five years full of funny adventures and incidents. After all, Jerry, who since childhood gravitated towards our smaller brothers, now and then brought home living creatures. For example, the Quasimodo dove, which was not good-looking and frightened relatives, or the Achilles turtle, which terrorized sunbathers in the garden …

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4. “Luis Mariano, or a Sip of Freedom”, Anna Gavalda

A novel by a popular French writer about the relationship of two brothers and sisters. They have long grown up and parted, everyone has their own affairs and problems, love dramas and family ups and downs. There is not as much time for communication as we would like. Having met at a family holiday, the heroes decided to escape to the castle to their younger brother and, under the Loire wine, share important things with their closest ones.

Gavalda has been called “the new Françoise Sagan “. Her stories are simple, easy to read, yet deep and heartfelt.

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5. A Year in Provence by Peter Meil

Leave your native England and buy an old farm in the south of France? Why not, decided Peter Mayle and his wife and moved to the Luberon. The author told about the first year in Provence, acquaintance with hospitable neighbors, gastronomic delights, protracted repairs, learning the local dialect and new habits in the book. It turned out to be something between a traveler’s notes, travel tips and a cookbook. After reading, there is a pleasant warmth, as if just returned from vacation. If you like it, read the whole series .

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6. Ship of Brides, Jojo Moyes

This is a novel based on a true story from the bestselling author of Me Before You . In 1946, 650 women went from Australia to the UK to their newly-made husbands. They left home and relatives to build families in a new country. But many marriages were concluded in a hurry, when lovers in the face of war and death wanted to snatch a piece of warmth.

For six weeks, girls who did not know each other spent on the aircraft carrier of the Victoria fleet, which was not even designed to transport so many people. They survived seasickness, found with whom they could share sorrows, fears and doubts.

Moyes introduces us to four cabinmates. They are the pregnant Margaret, the nurse Frances, the uneducated Jean, and the fashionista Avis. Each has a difficult past and great hopes for the future…

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7. Blackberry Wine, Joanne Harris

Good story for fans of magical realism. The hero is writer Jay Mackintosh. He has a creative crisis, he no longer writes. Instead, he constantly replays events from the past in his head and engages in self-discipline. Unexpectedly, the man finds six bottles of homemade wine, which reminded him of the happy days of old. This wine was created by a mysterious old grower, and it’s unusual. The drink has magical properties, it has a story to tell. Jay’s find is encouraging, and he goes to France in search of himself, inspiration, love.

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8. “Summer Without You Isn’t Summer” by Jenny Khan

This is the sequel to the bestseller This Summer I Got Pretty , a young adult about growing up, first love, choice, friendship and, of course, the best time of the year. Belly loves the summer months, because all the most interesting things in her life happened during the holidays. She usually spent this time with her cousins Conrad and Jeremy. They had fun, but now they have grown up and cannot figure out what they feel for each other – friendly affection or something more serious. Young people quarrel, and then Conrad disappears … Jeremy and Belly will go in search of a guy, and along with answers.

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9. Lavender Garden, Lucinda Riley

This book is suitable for fans of family sagas about the secrets of the past. Emily lived for 30 years at the behest of her strict mother, Valeria de la Martiniere. Suddenly, the woman died, leaving her daughter an old mansion in the south of France, picturesque vineyards, debt obligations, luggage of misunderstanding and a feeling of finally gained freedom. Emily didn’t think she would ever return to her childhood home. But here she does not understand how to live on without the advice of her mother and why she was so strict. The answer lies in the past during World War II. Will the heroine be able to shed the ballast of resentment and take a deep breath?

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10. House at the End of the Night, Katherine Banner

Another family drama with a touch of magical realism and Italian fairy tales. The book tells about four generations of closed islanders. The story begins a hundred years ago, at the dawn of the 20th century. Imagine the small island of Castellammare in the Mediterranean, right off the coast of sunny Italy. At its highest point there is a bar, which is called “The House at the Edge of the Night”. Previously, life was in full swing here, now it is abandoned. But everything changed with the arrival of a stranger, Dr. Amedeo. His fate will be closely intertwined with the fate of the local count – even their children must be born on the same night …

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