GTA and How to Get Your Neighbor: Russians named their favorite childhood video games

The VK Play platform conducted a survey among 1,200 users to find out which games they liked the most at school age. Among those surveyed, 80% were fond of video games in childhood – and 30% of them spent too much time at the computer and could not tear themselves away.

As for the favorite series, the top looks like this (in all cases, we are talking about franchises, not specific parts):

  1. Grand Theft Auto – 25%;
  2. Call of Duty – 16%;
  3. Mortal Kombat, Need for Speed and How to Get Your Neighbor – 14%;
  4. The Sims – 13%
  5. Warcraft – 12%.

Also, respondents often mentioned Heroes of Might and Magic, Cossacks and Allods Online. Here are some more interesting facts from the results of the study:

  • 93% will not prevent their children from playing video games.
  • 39% had a collection of CDs in their childhood, and more than a third of them still keep these CDs as a keepsake.
  • Still every tenth respondent continues to buy CDs.
  • A third of the respondents were going to play with friends at a party, 20% went to computer clubs for this.
  • One in five still play childhood games and consider them timeless classics.

What games did you play after school? Are you replaying them now, or are you focusing on more recent releases? Tell in the comments!

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